20 Mar 2012

Safety probe into Ryanair's £10 charge for emergency exit seats which leaves crucial rows empty as passengers refuse to pay...RYANAIR'S MICHAEL O'LEARY PROFIT MUST COME BEFORE SAFETY '' GUARANTEED ''...''Corruption in the Sky's''. Irish Aviation Authority

As you can see from the report below from the Mail on line...Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman are not interested in passenger safety..
To charge extra to be near an exit door in case of an emergency is a Crime to which Ryanair are guilty of many........all for profit....
A famous Quote from Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary at a senior management meeting in Ryanair's head office '' We could loose 2 aircraft with all passengers on board before the public would not fly with us''.
The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating this £10 charge for emergency exit seats..Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm that the Irish Aviation Authority will yet again do nothing against Ryanair and we can confirm many Irish Aviation Authority employees did work for Ryanair....Work this out for yourself ''Corruption in the Sky's''.

The general public must Boycott this airline for the safety of all....

Report below

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