26 Apr 2012

CABINCREW.COM RYANAIR RECRUITMENT FOR TERMINATION SCAM... DOOMED to FAIL..Mr Michael O'Leary... Ryanair. My story. on cabincrew.com is SPIN..user46833... http://www.cabincrew.com/forums/ryanair-my-story/177945/1

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are proud to say Ryanair are very worried about the adverse publicity which has been generated by Ryanairdontcare Campaign around their recruitment of Probationary Cabin Crew..
A so called Ryanair supervisor ' Cabin Crew Trainer' has just joined www.cabincrew.com as user46833.
doing their best to convince young people to work at Ryanair....Let us not forget young people,there is a training fee of up to 3000 euro plus up to 60% of probationary cabin crew will be Terminated before the 12th month......Young people must think first before you join Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''RYANAIR''
If you are Terminated at RYANAIR this COULD go against you when trying to work at any other airline.
All airlines have past work reference check on all jobs within a 5 year period.
Below is the post on cabincrew.com.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign must point out that Ryanair,Crewlink and StJames Management use cabincrew.com as one of the main aviation forums to recruit young Probationary Cabin Crew from.
We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign are BANNED from cabincrew.com for telling the truth....

Post below is from http://www.cabincrew.com/forums/ryanair-my-story/177945/1 pleasealso look at the replies.......

HI there,
I'm new to this site, but decided to give my own personal insite into my experience with Ryanair.
First of all, the reason I decided to write this is due to some of the negative publicity Ryanair gets with regards to recruitment and crew members experiences at the airline.
I joined In 2007, on a crewlink contract. I had read all the horror stories which I'm sure many of you have seen. I was very sceptical reading these and thought there is no way an airline could dismiss someone for no reason, and I was proved right. People are fired from this airline for a reason....late, no shows, unreliable etc.
Anyway...I completed my training In the UK and got based at London stansted where I remained for 4 years. The training beat my expectations and was extremely thorough, and far more demanding than I ever expected.
Being based at stansted was hard work, meeting new crew everyday (some 800 crew are based at stansted)...but after a few weeks I grew to absolutely love this job, and I never looked back. After a short period I got my Ryanair contract ( I was lucky in this respect) and became a senior cabin crew member after only one year. What I love about this airline is that they give you a chance to progress extremely quickly, and I am now an instructor teaching new cabin crew and also carrying out recurrent training for our existing crew. I owe my career to this airline, and eventually when I leave (in a good few years time) will always remember what Ryanair did for me...I urge anyone considering Ryanair to go for it....work hard (it is expected of you), have a good attitude and great things will happen for you. Good luck. A very happy Ryanair cabin crew.

John said,
As you can see this post above from http://www.cabincrew.com/forums/ryanair-my-story/177945/1 is a Ryanair cabin crew trainer who also does recurrent training for existing cabin crew, even though Ryanair continue to tell the world third party providers ''crewlink,dalmac,stjames management and cavok'' take cabin crew training...The reason why this post above is on cabincrew.com is simple, young people are seeing the truth at Ryanair...Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew at Ryanair have NO EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS unless they last 12 months which i very hard to achieve.Termination rates of probationary crew at Ryanair are the highest per aircraft than any other airline in Europe if not world wide.Yes a few in the past received  Ryanair contracts but these contracts are very rear now....In 2011 out of 5000 cabin crew at Ryanair, 4000 were on probationary contracts and only 1000 were contracted to Ryanair..These 1000 have employment rights to which Ryanair must follow rules..4000 have NO employment rights whatsoever.
This person above urges anyone considering joining Ryanair ''to go for it'' and is a very happy cabin crew member..This person has said they are a trainer of cabin crew and not a cabin crew member....
This cabin crew trainer at Ryanair will train young people to become cabin crew with a fee of up to 3000 euro..We can only think recruitment at Ryanair is at an all time low thanks to our campaign which gives the true facts at Ryanair....
I finish by saying i urge all young people wishing to become cabin crew to STAY AWAY from Ryanair who are Europe's Greatest Exploiters Of Young People and other airlines treat their cabin crew with Dignity and Respect....

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