27 Apr 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign founder John Foley has had a very busy week with regards his last protest at Goodison Park.
Two court dates took place were John was found guilty of entering the field of play at the Everton v Manchester City game back in January which was seen by many.
The local press in Merseyside covered this story very well and clearly the Recruitment for Termination practice  of Ryanair who are Europe's Greatest Exploiters Of Young People, is talked about even more on Merseyside..
As a result recruitment of young people in Merseyside to become Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair will be very low, which is great news.....Below you can see the Liverpool Echo's coverage and the Interim ASBO Document.....

   Below is the front page of the Liverpool Echo................

    Below is page 5 of the Liverpool Echo..
    Below is  page 3 of the Liverpool Echo..

                                Below is  page 3 of the Liverpool Echo..

                           Below is the Interim ASBO......Also here is what ASBO means in the UK     


John said,
As you can see Young People all over Merseyside will be aware of the Recruitment for Termination at Ryanair.
As you can see from the second page of the ASBO there are five points which i am prohibited from doing.
I bring attention to No3 and No 5....
No 3) Disrupting any official Olympic event which includes sporting, cultural and the Olympic torch relay.. This was put in place as a result of what i had said to a Police officer at Manchester Airport in 2011 which i did say in some form.

No 5) Approaching or Communicating with either directly,indirectly,by telephone,text message or any other electronic means including email with ..........................The name of this person is covered up but will be made public on 21st June 2012 at Liverpool Magistrates Court 09.45am.
This person in question first made contact with Merseyside Police May 2010 and continued to contact Merseyside Police till March 2011 with information regarding me.This person had told lie after lie to Merseyside Police about what protest action i was going to do and some are very serious accusations which if were true in 2010-2011 or Merseyside Police had believed this person, i should have been arrested.
This person has not only tried to dirty my name but the whole of the Ryanairdontcare Campaign to which my solicitor will prove this to the court. 
The 231 pages of evidence supplied by Merseyside Police that relates to the ASBO will be posted on this Blog after 21st June 2012...
Merseyside Police did not act on these serious so called threats because they did not believe them but have attached them to the 132 page ASBO evidence to strengthen their case which is wrong .My message to Merseyside Police Officers in charge of supplying this ASBO evidence

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