3 Apr 2012

GROUNDLINK CABIN CREW SCAM... RYANAIR CABIN CREW RECRUITMENT PORTUGUESE GROUNDLINK SCAM..CAVOK SCAM http://www.groundlink.pt/. office@groundlink.pt ....SCAM www.cavok.cat.. CABIN CREW RYANAIR RECRUTAMENTO PORTUGUÊS GROUNDLINK é um SCAM .. CAVOK http://www.groundlink.pt/ SCAM. office@groundlink.pt .... www.cavok.cat SCAM ....

Ryanairdontcare Campaign has been sent this email below which is a warning to all Portuguese students wishing to become cabin crew....Stay away from Groundlink... Nome da Empresa: Groundlink, Lda.
Morada: Centro de Escritórios do Campo Grande (Lisboa)
Av. Brasil,1 1749 – 008 LISBOA PORTUGAL and also Cavok..

Ryanair Cabin Crew jobs are a scam.....

Hi John,
My name is ........  .......  and I am Portuguese. My husband applied for Ryanair and he was accepted, but everything seemed to be very strange after a while. Anyway, the need to get a job in a time of crisis and the opportunity it meant, lead us to follow their requirements. We've been talking and despite the fact we've already paid 1300 euros for accommodation and fees, I strongly feel he should not go for training (which starts next Monday) because:
 they are inconsistent on giving details on requirements - they have even started to refuse a document from a non-European foreign embassy, which is completely illegal.
they are fast on asking money but slow on answering to crucial questions
they give different dates to pay or deliver documents
they are extremely impolite: I talked to a woman on the phone who I had to answer in a polite but bitter mood. She maybe thought I am a child or stupid and don't know what is a security vetting or laws.

I've seen your blog and it got me a picture of the worst - something I've already heard about before but I thought maybe some competitors were doing their disinformation homework. I've even asked to friends of mine from TAP (Portuguese airways) to cross check information, but they said they never heard about bad working conditions and scams. Now I am really starting to acknowledge it.

Do you think it is the right way, to quit even if loosing money at this stage? I think so but your opinion would be valuable.
I would gladly do any possible campaign to alert many other unemployed Portuguese people being robbed this way. Publicly, I can't do it. But i can spread the word to TAP people and even some government institutions.

Kindest regards,

John said,
I am so glad people in Portugal are seeing this recruitment scam by Ryanair...

Below is the Groundlink Logo who are part of the recruitment for termination...


60% of New recruited Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew are Terminated before 12 months most being Terminated before 6 months.
All airlines request a 5 year work record


60% da New Cabin Crew recrutados Probatório Ryanair são terminadas antes de 12 meses mais a ser terminado antes dos 6 meses.
Todas as companhias aéreas solicitar um registro de trabalho 5 anos
RESCISÃO podem afetar sua carreira com outras companhias aéreas.


Anonymous said...

Hi...Im Portuguese and i was also present in one Openday provided by Groundlink in Lisbon....I am at the moment waiting for the "congratulations email"...but now after read every blogs about ryanair and everything that they do with the employers im terrified....The biggest problem is that in Portugal in this momement we have a lot of young people without job, the situation is very hard, and for us this job looks a great opportunity and i believe that in most cases we not will think 2 times and sign the contract...now im not sure if i want do this or not but i will think more than 1000 times first before i sign the contract and pay money!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous. My name is Helena Pinto da Cruz and at the moment I am working at the Leeds Breadford base of Ryanair. i have been recruted by Groundlink a few years ago and can surely tell you, there is no scams. Everybody is told in advance how much to pay and when, what documents are required and what is excepted or not. i really would like to know how smart is the other lady whom you are commenting about, to though numbers in the air and blame everybody around. well on the other side, being portugues i know that our people like complaining instead of really doing something. mentalidade......nada a fazer=)))
everyone whom i know in groundlink are extremely educated and polite people, and never ever i heard them being inconvinient or impolite even when someone deserved to be treated so. i have loads of friends around europe, portuguese, who passed though groundlink and crewlink and had no problems at all.
therefore, i cannot tell you to go to ryanair or not,its your choise.if you think ryanair treats crew badly, find out about other companies. its nothing different, and actually if you do your job well, you will be fine and none will treat you unfarely.
i was really shoked with what the other lady wrote and knowing its not true decided to put this comment thanks for attention.

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Hi Helena,
Thank you for your comment.Can i ask are you a No 1 ?????