4 Apr 2012


As you can see yet again Ryanair head office are very busy...We have two senior Ryanair management looking at our Blog....Ryanairdontcare Campaign feel it is important for our viewers to see what Ryanair exploiters are looking at on our blog....Click on the post to see what they are looking at...

Ryanair Ltd ( ryanair 2  8 returning visits
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3 Apr16:03:16
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3 Apr16:45:07
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3 Apr16:45:30
3 Apr16:45:39
3 Apr16:46:09
3 Apr16:46:24
3 Apr16:47:04
3 Apr16:47:15
3 Apr16:48:07
3 Apr16:48:21
3 Apr16:48:31
4 Apr08:22:17
4 Apr08:23:11
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4 Apr17:49:11
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4 Apr17:49:49
Used For Cust-ranges Pop-dub ( ryanair 3 UK...  1 returning visit
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3 Apr11:39:15
3 Apr11:46:37
3 Apr11:50:37
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4 Apr17:43:17

John said,
How do i know it is not cabin crew looking at our Blog from inside Ryanair's head office...Cabin Crew are not allowed access to the Internet,they are restricted to view only work related items....

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