28 Jun 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm all new  UK probationary cabin crew at Ryanair are told to open a Barclays bank account if they wish to work at Ryanair...We believe corruption inside Barclays bank is a fine place for Ryanair to be....Bank of Ireland account for over 50% of all cabin crew at Ryanair and are forced upon new recruits.Bank of Ireland are cheating and working with Ryanair to exploiting young people for profit...The Bank of Ireland were involved at one point in training loans of up to 3500 euro to terminated cabin crew to which Ryanairdontcare Campaign had stopped.This training loan was then given to the Allied  Irish Bank and yet again Ryanairdontcare Campaign stopped this loan..At present no loan is available for Ryanair cabin crew training and recent terminated probationary cabin crew have no bankruptcy threats from these banks.....

If you are Terminated by Ryanair your career in
aviation will be damaged forever.All airlines ask for a 5 year work/study record...Question to ask yourself..........which airline would take you on as cabin crew if your TERMINATE by Ryanair Answer 

All airlines will contact Ryanair for a work reference and Ryanair will inform them of your Termination....Time to wake up and boycott Ryanair.............
John said,
I can confirm why i know this information regarding Termination reference above...Many Terminated Ryanair cabin crew have informed Ryanairdontcare Campaign..

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