24 Jun 2012

RYANAIR CABIN CREW CONTACT RYANAIRDONTCARE.....SCAM CONTRACT...SCAM AIRLINE EMPLOYMENT... SCAM LATE and NO-SHOW...DO NOT JOIN RYANAIR....IF YOU HAVE CONTACT Ryanairdontcare Campaign and WE WILL TRY TO HELP With ''NO'' FEE.....SCAM COMPANIES Ryanair...Crewlink Ireland..St James Management Services...M2 Training Limited... Dalmac Language School .. Dalmac Recruitment & Aviation Services... Fingal Language Institute Limited...Workforce International Contractors Limited... Cavok Cabin Crew Training..

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been contacted by a probationary cabin crew member from 

Europe's Greatest Exploiters of Young People ''RYANAIR''.This cabin crew member has seen

the recruitment scam policy at Ryanair and as asked for help..We can confirm that this 

cabin crew member is not alone,many are in contact with Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have targeted Ryanair's recruitment days in Dublin and the UK 

over the last year to inform these young people about the recruitment scam policy at 

Ryanair..Many will join Ryanair as probationary cabin crew and seen Ryanair are only 

interested in making as much money out of you which will end in Termination.....

Warning to ALL NEW RECRUITS....Do not listen to forums which involve Ryanair as Ryanair 

use cabin crew members to post comments to keep young people joining this SCAM...

The biggest is cabincrew.com were John Foley the founder of this blog has been banned 

many times from posting information on their site,also when you are TERMINATED 60% 

 year after year are, you will find it difficult to work for other airlines as all airlines need a 5 

year work/study record....You can not take Ryanair off your CV as all airlines check your 

work record through Tax code plus security pass issued...Ryanairdontcare Campaign was 

set up in 2008 with thousands of probationary cabin crew being terminated and many 

contacting this campaign and ''ONLY TWO'' have found employment as cabin crew at other 

airlines.... WE HAVE INFORMED YOU......................If you wish to ''Live the Low-Life then 

Ryanair is the place for you.....

Below are the companies to stay away from.

1,Ryanair in Dublin Airport Ireland....

2,Crewlink Ireland in Bray Ireland..

3,St James Management Services Limited in Bishops Stortford,Herrtfordshire and at Elliot 

Road ,Love Lane, Cirencester..

4,M2 Training Limited at Elliot  Road ,Love Lane, Cirencester..

5,Dalmac Language School in Rush Ireland.....

6,Dalmac Recruitment & Aviation Services in Rush Ireland.

7,Fingal Language Institute Limited in Rush Ireland.

8,Workforce International Contractors Limited in Rush Ireland....

9,Cavok Cabin Crew Training at 17002 Gerona Spain..     

Comment below from present cabin crew at Ryanair.....

Hello, i really hope you don't mind me writing to you, i have recently started 

working at Ryanar as a cabin crew member and find it unacceptable by the way 

the new lot are being treated .A few of us are being throw Lates/no shows left

right and centre with last minute roster changes and no notifications and 

phone calls. I received a late letter ............ stating i was apparently 

.......Minutes late one day! Which is not true.I am positive they just pull these 

figures from a hat as surely the flight would have taken off without me! one 

colleague has a probationary warning because she went to work ill too scared 

to phone in sick! We have also been told they will be reducing the number of 

aircraft as of November until February, how do they expect us to finance our 

training. I don't mean to moan but the reality has hit us all now. I was in the 

........ prior to my career with Ryanair and had a lot more human rights. I would 

be grateful if you could possibly guide me in the right direction or advise me if 

there is a way to leave without paying three thousand pounds. thanks.

John said,

Some part of the comment above is left blank .......... to protect the identity of the Ryanair 

cabin crew member...Any Ryanair crew member can contact me either on this blog,by email 

ryanairdontcare@yahoo.co.uk , twitter @ryanairdontcare,  Text +447521288521
facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ryanair-Dont-Care-campaign-RYANAIRDONTCARE/327346637276632

Now that my court case is finally over after 4 months i will step up Campaign against Ryanair  who are Europe's Greatest Exploiters Of Young People.......

                      '' RYANAIRDONTCARE  CAMPAIGN''

''Warning Termination At Ryanair Could Effect Your Career In Aviation As All Airlines Ask For A 5 Year Work/Study record''..........

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