2 Jun 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been given the two comments below from young people who went to the latest Ryanair Recruitment for Termination assessment day at the Radisson hotel Stansted airport which was run by Crewlink who are Ryanair.....The two comments below have not been changed in any way shape or form,they are the words of two clever young people who saw Ryanair probationary cabin crew recruitment as what it is 
                        100% SCAM 

First Young Student

Well these are the reasons (professional and personal) why i thought it was a con.

+Made a big deal about wearing a knee length skirt and white shirt - people just turned up wearing anything - but were still offered an interview despite an email stating quite clearly they would not be. I would not have bought a knee length skirt or white shirt if had known this. 

+One person turned up 30 minutes late and yet was still offered an interview (why did I and everyone else bother getting there early if we could all just turn up whenever, dressed incorrectly and get the same opportunities? MONEY!

+Starting salary of 1000EUR. But you can earn more through selling drinks and nibbles from the cart which could earn you an extra 250EUR on top (nothing set in stone however). After spending 3k on course fees, living arrangements, food and basics that’s not really enough to pay everything off after. Also, 250 EUR will be taken out of your salary every 12 months to pay for the uniform – and that’s not including living and food arrangements.

+The fees I was given (and it was all in Euros, to make things more confusing):
*500EUR to be paid asap when you are told you have been successful (they said it would be up to 10 working days before we heard the outcome, so that's half a grand to be produced instantly in 2 weeks, and it’s non refundable (of course).
*1,649EUR course fee. This is to be paid 3 weeks before the course starts (2 course start days, beginning of June (I think) or September. Raise your hand if you have 2k lying around! This is refunded however if you fail the course.
*700EUR accommodation. Again this has to be paid 3 weeks before the course start date, and is non-refundable. 

Altogether that's almost 3k to pay practically upfront if you fancy joining asap. (On a personal level I think it is quiet disgusting as well to make staff to pay for their training in this field. I wanted to do this for the travel and adventure, not the money – but paying for a course for a job that’s not rocket science is quite obscene. Especially when other (better) companies offer theirs as standard, with pay it is just cheap).

+You are told which base you will be sent to after you have paid the registration fee and you have no say about where you are based. You are also sent to this base straight from finishing the 6 week course - but don't worry (as Alex - Crewlink trainer said) you can always sleep in a hostel until you've found somewhere.  If you take the September course (as most people probably would to give them time to raise the money) you will only be working for 6 weeks before you have your 3 months off. 3 months off in a strange country, where you probably don't speak the language or know anyone and have limited funds. 

+The interview consisted of no more than box ticking and limited questions. I was asked to give 3 qualities that would describe my personality, and told a little more about the company – making sure I knew all the prices.

+ The training is in Hahn. I knew this, however for the case of trying to arrange alternative living arrangements and buying food i can only imagine how expensive it will be. We were told a food van comes once day that sells sandwiches (!) so that’s 6 weeks of paying for extortionately priced sandwiches, with limited other options. This is additional money to pay for as well, and no price range was given to us of how much we would need so you can only imagine.

I’m just annoyed I spent all this money on the clothes, and especially the travel to be told I will pretty much be working for free, living in a hostel, practically unemployed for the next couple of months. The whole thing just sounded like they were out to make as much money off of everyone as they could, and  the staff. 

I felt sorry for all the other people who came a lot further away to be told this.

p.s You do get a grand back however over a 6 month period so that we don't "do the course and then 'run off' with the money"... I thought that was a cheek she said that since we are paying a lot more then a  grand!

Second Young Student

I also decided to turn them down, and here are my reasons. However, I am very grateful I got the chance and the opportunity.

The cost. I just can't let go of serious money for something that isn't even with Ryanair.
I am fully aware of how agency staffing works and I just fear so much that if I didn't get a RYR contract, I'd be out. And I can't ignore that some people have claimed - whether right or wrong - that staff are dismissed for being ill/no show/poor sales. Other than no show, I can't see why the other two are reasons to be dismissed. For me, this is just something I can't do. If someone else was paying for me, perhaps I wouldn't mind. But I am paying out for this, I'd give it all I have.
Realistically, on a short flight how much can you sell? I can't predict when I will be ill (I luckily haven't been ill in a long time!) and I'd never no show. But the risk is too high. I have to admit, paying for uniform is a little disappointing too. In addition to this, the average salary did not reflect what I have read and heard which is a cause for concern.

Bases. I personally would like to at least give 3 bases that I'd like, rather than just go anywhere. And at the presentation it was made clear that there are no promises to get the base you want even with a transfer. For me, I want to do this job in a place I would like to be. At the end of the day, it's not all about the work! I'd relocate to other countries but I'd at least like to say - any base in (for example) Spain, Italy, or Belgium. I have my reasons for going there and it would be better for me and also Ryanair! They don't count languages which I think is strange as English may be the international aviation language but not every passenger speaks English!

I do agree that the email stated about a dress code and a start time and this wasn't followed during the day! The interview wasn't really an interview either which on the one hand is great! But the other hand, I do wonder why. I did feel a lot of this is about the money to pay and not much else.

After long and hard thinking, I just had to say no. I can't afford to loose that much money with an agency that can terminate my contract very easily. Ryanair have only 1 more Boeing 737-800 to arrive so that's the current expansion to come to an end. Of course bases will change and small growth will continue, but I can't ignore that some people on here, and elsewhere, and to me personally, have said that you can be dismissed very easily. And the constant recruitment does make me wonder about this. And above all, the cost to work for them. Perhaps if the cost was lower, I could pay out of earnings, and I could have a say in the base - I'd have reconsidered.

However, for some people, the cost and base allocation may not be of a concern and I would wish everyone who went and got the job the absolute best of luck and best wishes for the future. They were honest and said it is not for everyone, and for me - working for Crewlink is not. If you want to contact me by email or Skype or another way, I'm happy to talk! Send me a message and I'll reply as soon as I can!

I didn't give up on the dream I applied with another airline and so far, so good :) ....

John said,

These two young students above make me very proud even 

though i do not know them personally. 

I wish to thank these two students plus wish them all the 

very best in their search for a Real cabin crew job and 

believe you both will make great future cabin crew......

       Message to Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman.

            Very nice to see Mr Eddie Wilson yet again

                   RECRUITMENT AT ALL TIME LOW

   '' DOOMED TO FAIL'' Are you sure...........

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Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

I must say how happy it makes me feel that these two young students saw how bad Ryanair recruitment was without even seeing this blog.....Good Luck to you both..
Just wished my own daughter could have been one of these two above...
On a positive point at least i am in a position to show Ryanair in a real light - Exploiters of young people and it was nice to confront Eddie''TERMINATOR'' Wilson yet again.