1 Jun 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign would like to put the record straight with regards the article which was placed in the Liverpool local Rag the Liverpool Echo today..We would also like to clear up the words which were said to the Police on 16th May 2012 were Ryanairdontcare Campaign's founder John Foley voluntary attended a meeting with police at St Anne Street police station....

As you can see the article in the Liverpool  Echo below.Click photo to enlarge.

At the meeting on 16th May 2012 at St Anne Street Police Station with Merseyside's Special Branch

officers Julie Bolton and Simon Draco,asked for by the Metropolitan Police  i was informed that the Metropolitan Police would dealt with protesters harshly which John's understanding being,the Met may use arms to deal with protesters.
I did say Quote '' if the Met Police are armed and a peaceful protest took place then it would need the professionalism of the Police to distinguish a peaceful protester to a person out to harm someone.
As reported in the Liverpool Echo,( if i get shot i am prepared to go) this is not true and is a lie...
We do believe the Police have twisted John's words to achieve their banning order in London.
As for the member of the public saying John said,a  high-profile,spectacular disruption at the games, this also is untrue and yet again said by the Police to achieve their banning order for the whole Olympic games.
What i did say at Manchester Airport in 2011 at a Ryanair/Dalmac recruitment day was.Quote '' i have a spectacular peaceful protest planned for the Olympics''.said to a Greater Manchester Police Officer,not a member of the public.
It is quite shocking that the Press and Police are guilty of not being honest.This is not spin or an exaggeration,it is a Lie the very same as what we are fighting  daily....''Ryanair's Lies''.

John said,
I do not wish to comment with regards the Police or the Press as i am sure viewers to this Blog can work it out for themselves.
I must point out that any effects to damage myself or the Ryanairdontcare Campaign with lies will always happen.
When your trying to help others and BIG money is involved, i will be a target........
Ryanairdontcare Campaign will continue....

''Doomed to Fail'' Mr O'Leary...................


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