17 Jun 2012


As you can see the post below was placed today on cabincrew.com who are paid by Ryanair to advertise on their website.


Hi Everyone
Who's Attending the StJames course on the 18th?
They have E-mailed me the base choices.. they don't look really good.
There is another course coming up.. and that's gonna have stansted on it.

So if u want the stansted base.. opt for the next course.
The current one is for:

-Stockholm Skavsta
-Frankfurt Hahn
-Rome Ciampino
-Dusseldorf Neiderein

As you can see these 7 bases available for the 18th course are due to a high level of Termination of probationary cabin crew in these bases.Do not be fooled in thinking next month will be Stansted as base allocations are run on Termination levels...
So if more are Terminated in Europe bases then European bases will be available.
Ireland and UK bases are starting to have a lower Termination rate over the last few months thanks to Ryanairdontcare Campaign's continual campaign of publicity which has hit recruitment in Ireland and the UK...Young people are starting to see the real picture '' thant Ryanair will SCAM you in the end '' and they are  joining other airlines..
St James Management who are Ryanair,will inform you on their website 

Ryanair Cabin Crew Introduction

Contracted Cabin Crew agencies, Crewlink and Workforce International, hold contracts to supply Cabin Crew to a number of airlines including Ryanair.

This is a LIE..Crewlink are Ryanair and Crewlink is run by Judy Byrne & Frank Whelan,Laragh,Cliff Road,Windgates,Bray Co Wicklow,Ireland and they only give contracts out to young people to fly Ryanair.They do not supply cabin crew for any other airline.

As you can see StJames Management will recruit you from the Internet,charge you a training fee,which then they bring in Ryanair trainers to train you which is done as a smoke screen as when you get Terminated it is not them or Ryanair who Terminated you but Crewlink......
Once Terminated Ryanair will tell you that you never worked for them but Crewlink,yet one more smoke screen.
Also StJames Management say on their website,

The Recruitment Process

''As part of this course you will also complete an Aviation Cabin Crew NVQ Level 2. This is a qualification which remains with you for life''.

This is their way of giving you something for paying training once Terminated.At least you have a NVQ 2 which will NOT help you qualify to become cabin crew with other airlines as other airlines have their own training which is free..StJames Management who are Ryanair have now joined up with a company called M2 Training Limited in Gloucestershire to get credibility for this NVQ 2 course.       


If you are Terminated by Ryanair your career in

aviation will be damaged forever.All airlines 

ask for a 5 year work/study record...Question to 

ask yourself..........which airline would take you 

on as cabin crew if your TERMINATE by 

Ryanair Answer 

All airlines will contact Ryanair for a work 

reference and Ryanair will inform them of your 

Termination....Time to wake up and boycott 


John said,
I can confirm why i know this information regarding Termination reference above...Many Terminated Ryanair cabin crew have informed Ryanairdontcare Campaign..

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