20 Jun 2012


                              WE MUST NEVER FORGET


Ryanairdontcare Campaign had a 5 day 4 night camp at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool to remember a Real Important Pilot at Ryanair Mr Paul Ridgard who sadly passed away in 2011.We must stress that Ryanair have forgotten about Paul and many people in the aviation industry and John Foley have stressed their sadness at the way in which the CPS dealt with the coroners report.The inquest report was conducted by Manchester Police who in tail forwarded their findings on to the CPS who thought about employment issues which we know were
 raised in this report..Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm that the CPS felt employment issues involving Mr Ridgard would have been to expensive to contest and were not include in the report sent to the  corners office.                      ''We Must Never Forget''

                                Photo about Europe's Worst Emplyer ''RYANAIR''.
                                Photo above Camp base at the main roundabout...
                                Photo above  ''O Yes They Do''.

                                Photo above Charlie the Ryanairdontcare Campaign mascot.
                                Charlie in playful mood.
                                Photo above of Base Camp...

Photo above is of the two Chief Exploiters.
David Bonderman & Michael O'Leary

 John said,
I wish to thank Liverpool John Lennon Airport for their  facilitation of this Camp to remember Mr Ridgard
a Real Important Pilot....
Many staff, passengers and crew from other airlines showed a lot of interest and were all handed a leaflet.
The Police were fine with me and at one point i asked two police officers did they know about Mr Ridgard and i was shocked as they both said no,these two police officers had worked at the airport for two years and Mr Ridgard was based there.Just goes to show how things are hushed up at John Lennon Airport.
Suicide is a very sad issue and must be tackled.
On my last day a police officer did confirm he new about Mr Ridgard. I was informed by the airport management that they have a memorial garden at John Lennon Airport which i found and will ask if something can be placed there for Mr Ridgard in the near future.

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''Warning Termination At Ryanair Could Effect Your Career In Aviation As All Airlines Ask For A 5 Year Work/Study record''..........