30 Jul 2012


My name is John Foley a former retail jeweller from Liverpool.I am a father of 4 daughters,youngest being 8 years ,oldest being 23 years.
In 2010 i decided to close my business to commit myself fully to Ryanairdontcare Campaign which have been active since 2008.
I am totally committed to informing young people,wishing to work in aviation to become cabin crew about the Recruitment for Termination practises which involve Ryanair Holdings/Ryanair Plc.....

Recruitment for Termination which my own daughter fell foul to working at Ryanair in 2008 was my main motivation behind setting up a Ryanairdontcare Campaign which is the world's No1 anti Ryanair blog with over 120,000 hits in the first 12 months....The termination of my daughter i believe was part of a larger more sinister recruitment scam which involves thousands of young people,paying a training fee of up to 3000 euro a time only to be terminated before any legal employment protection was in place.
With a rate of up to 60% of  4000 probationary Ryanair cabin crew being terminated within a 12 month period earning Ryanair and so called third party providers a tidy profit..Ryanair admitting in correspondences to  a rate of 30% which was a more believable figure in their eyes.....
My 18 year old daughter Sarah was terminated after only a 7 week period of employment as probationary Ryanair cabin crew with the recession  being the reason Ryanair gave for this termination in 2008.I must point out that attendance issues were mentioned once Protests started and i believe were put in place by senior Ryanair management to cover the Termination.
The day before Sarah was terminated in Dublin in 2008 a Ryanair supervisor has talked to Sarah about resigning..I must point out a fee of 200 euro is in place for any person wishing to resign as probationary cabin crew at Ryanair (yet more profit).This Ryanair supervisor was aware of Sarah's termination which was inament..
Termination day 26th November 2008 was the day Sarah's young life fell apart..Jobless,penniless and alone in a foreign land Sarah's priority was to get a flight back home to Liverpool and try to explain her situation to her parents.
After termination Sarah was asked to return her rented Ryanair uniform plus ID for security purposes to the Ryanair head office,if she did not comply money would be taken from her last months salary.I must point out Sarah's last months salary of 1277 euro was kept by Ryanair/Crewlink.
After Sarah had returned her Ryanair uniform and ID the next day she asked about her flight home.
She was not given a clear answer about her return flight but was told by the very same Ryanair supervisor who talked about resigning,you do not work for Ryanair anymore and you will need to pay for your flight home.As Sarah was given a free flight by Ryanair when starting her employment she presumed they would return her back to Liverpool.How wrong was Sarah.After saying she would not leave the Ryanair head office until she spoke to a senior Ryanair employee to confirm this flight issue,waited she did.After a few hours she was told again no free flight home...This upset Sarah so much as she was a terminated probationary Ryanair cabin crew member.penniless and with no way to travel back home to Liverpool..A few days later Sarah called me to pick her up.
I travelled by boat to Dublin to pick Sarah up and on the boat Sarah did inform me that she thought she had been scammed...I told her a big company like Ryanair would not do that,how wrong was i.
After my return to Liverpool i started to look at Ryanair's recruitment of cabin crew and started seeing  Sarah was not alone.Many terminated probationary Ryanair cabin crew got in touch with me and a pattern started to appear.Many were terminated before a 12th month period,most being at a 6 month period..Ryanairdontcare Campaign was then set up to fight this exploitation of young people at Europe's largest airline Ryanair.

Ryanair's website cabin crew motto '' LIVE THE HIGH LIFE'' was so wrong,

We did contact the Irish Government ,employment section regarding Sarah's termination and possible employment tribunal.We were informed by the Irish Government that an employment tribunal would not apply to Sarah's termination as she needed to be probationary Ryanair cabin crew for a 12 month period, this meaning all probationary Ryanair cabin crew under 12 months have no legal protection when it comes to termination.

I have spent nearly 4 years now fighting Ryanair who are ''Europe's Greatest Training Robbers of Young People'' and will continue to do so.My main aim is to hit recruitment days at Ryanair as the more they recruit the more they terminated,the less they recruit the less they terminated .
As recruitment is done over the Internet by Ryanair/Crewlink/StJames Management/Dalmac and Cavok for probationary Ryanair cabin crew i have made sure Ryanairdontcare Campaign blog http://www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com/ has a high presence on Google, which it now has.I must stress this is my second Blog as my first blog was closed down by Google..
With over 150.000 hits to our blog in the last 14 months this confirms Ryanairdontcare Campaign is the world's No1 anti Ryanair blog which sends a strong message to a 3 Billion pound company Ryanair, David Bonderman the chief at Ryanair and his understudy Michael O'Leary.Both of these individuals are clever rich business men with a history of exploiting their workforce for profit and have no fear to continue this practise..I myself have one thing in common,i to have no fear and the love of my daughter Sarah has no boundaries.

Ryanair's recruitment days for probationary cabin crew in the UK are down and so are recruitment levels thanks to Ryanairdontcare Campaign.Internet and Direct Action protests have highlighted the recruitment for termination policy at Ryanair..A Ryanair recruitment day protest at Manchester Airport late 2011 were 100 students wanted to be cabin crew were in attendance,this was a great success  story for our campaign, 6 students listened to the ''LIVE THE HIGH LIFE'' seminar from Ryanair and as i had leafleted the event earlier on in the day,my presence outside was most welcome to these 6 students.After a 5 minute talk to me all 6 said thank you John and went home.
Up to 18,000 Euros worth of training fee's gone,thanks to Ryanairdontcare Campaign..
Ryanair like to use Stansted Radisson hotel for UK recruitment days in 2012 as a court order is in place against me for Harassment of a John Mudge who has StJames Management registered in his name.StJames Management are one of the so called third party providers who facilitate Ryanair cabin crew training,recruitment days( at Radisson Stansted)  and also deal with Uniforms and Ryanair Pilot passes.
Most of the work involved with Ryanairdontcare Campaign is done by myself with a few special people who have helped,naming one as Liverpool's Solfed who set up a week of action March 2012 against exploitation of the workforce at Ryanair.
Ryanair like many Low-Cost airlines make money from subsidies.The difference with Ryanair is they make money at every part of their business, Employment being a high revenue source.Employment of Pilots and Cabin Crew by Ryanair are taken through a maze of so called third party providers ''agencies'' to which new recruits are not fully aware of.Like my own daughter and many i have seen at recruitment days,these young people are so exited at being asked by Ryanair to attend a recruitment day that most are blind to the full exploitation which is being sold to them.
Ryanair target 18 to 22 year olds who they see as an easier target to control.At Ryanair in 2011 they had a Cabin Crew workforce of 5000.There are two types of Cabin Crew at Ryanair,firstly we have Contracted Ryanair Cabin Crew who have a Ryanair Working Contract ' these contracts are hard to find. There are up to 1000 of these and mostly No1s on aircraft who are supervisors and are paid well,secondly we have Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew who are contracted by so called third party providers Crewlink and Workforce International to work at Ryanair to which there are up to 4000.......These 4000 are called Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew and all pay a training fee of up to 3000 Euro to become a Cabin Crew member at Ryanair.''I must point out to train as Cabin Crew at Easyjet ,Easyjet pay you 220 euro a week whilst you are training as Cabin Crew''....Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew have an average of 2 home stand-bys a week which is un-paid.Most if not all will work a minimum of 3 hours extra a rostered shift which is un-paid .The first 2 days training with 8 flights for my daughter was un-paid..
Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew do not get a basic salary, Easyjet probationary cabin crew do.Ryanair probationary cabin crew ONLY get paid when the aircraft is airborne,no other airline does this..These Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew are charged 30 euro a month to rent their uniform off Ryanair.These Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew have no food allowance or drinking water on board Ryanair flights.
As these Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew are contracted to either Crewlink or Workforce International,Ryanair pay these so called third party providers for these workers..Let us say 30 euro per hour is paid by Ryanair to Crewlink or Workforce International and only 15 euro per hour is passed on to Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew,a massive profit made by Ryanair on the hourly rate,If these third party providers are set up by Ryanair ??????
We all know Ryanair make money at every part of their business...
So a 4000 Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew workforce makes Ryanair millions each year and these Ryanair Probationary Cabin Crew are not living ''the high life'' as the Ryanair motto will say,most are living on the boarder line of poverty..Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been told about Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew in Europe going to eat in charity soup kitchens as their salary is so low.
Example of flight pay,a flight from Liverpool to Dublin is 45 mins,these Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew will be paid 15 euro per flying hour before tax..This works out at less than 10 euro for this flight..
Let us not forget monthly payment for training,rental of Ryanair uniform,accommodation,transportation to work,food and Mobile phone plus if your sick and do not work in the UK or Ireland you must pay your own medical bill,the reason being Ryanair Probationary Cabin Crew have no health care and their tax is paid to the Irish government even if they are based and work in lets say Spain....
To entice new recruits to join, Ryanair have put in place a new Joiners allowance of 1200 euro which i must stress is taken back if you are TERMINATED before a 6 month period....

As for Governments being aware of this Recruitment for Termination, the Irish government are fully aware of these,not only be myself but other people involved within aviation and unions..We must stress  Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew's Tax in Europe is all going to the Irish government with some paying up to 42% tax in the first few months.
Also let us not forget Ryanair hold Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew's PAYE and PRSI for 11 months which is placed in a high interest account with Bank of Ireland....''Don't get me started with the Bank of Ireland who freeze bank accounts once Probationary Cabin Crew are Terminated''....

As for something spectacular, i see all Terminated Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew as my energy to carry on protesting in a Direct Action way without any fear.The love for my child started Ryanairdontcare Campaign and seeing other young people falling victim the very same way, Keeps me going...David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary have a fight on their hands which they are both aware of...Let us not forget i am the only parent of a Terminated Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew who O'Leary wanted a meeting with in 2011,i am the only person O'Leary will not talk publicly about and never have i been in court for being libelous, ''WHY'' because i know the scam and i tell the true...................
As for public advocacy,my main focus has always been to help new recruits be aware of Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''Ryanair'' and target recruitment days which has been very successful...As for the press,they want a story,quick and easy to cover which they have done with my Direct Action protests and do thank them.We must never forget Ryanair are very clever and they know how to work the press very well...

One last point which i can confirm is now in place at Ryanair..As you all may be aware of,Ryanair have entered the Polish Airport market in a very big way,the rate of hourly flight pay for Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew has been cut from 15 euro per flying hour to 11 euro per flying hour and very soon this will spread to other European countries...

                                                   Please  Ask Yourself Why.
    Termination at Ryanair will damage your career in aviation.
             All airlines ask for a 5 year work/study record.
         Ryanair do supplied bad references to other airlines


Anonymous said...


I know Irish law applied to your daughter's case, but I suspect you could lobby British politicians to apply U.K. law to similar situations in the future.

They may be aware that FR shut down its Marseilles base after France imposed French Social Services taxes on an IRISH company operating a base in France.

However, FR is not in the postion to threaten to shut down a base in the U.K.

At a minumum, U.K. law (and only U.K. law) should apply to a contract between a U.K. resident and a workplace that is physically in the U.K., and further where the employer requires the taking of a course in the U.K., from a U.K.-based service provider.

Afterall, if Air Canada's few ground operations personnel at LHR are covered by U.K. law, that same law should apply to the thousands of U.K. nationals working at STN.

Just my $.02.


Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Yes i am involved with future situations which i can not comment on here as Ryanair's Michael O'Leary has employed others to track this Blog,which is great,Ryanairdontcare are creating jobs...
As for taxes,UK are wise and Ryanair do not get away with Tax going to Dublin,which is great.
Thank you for your comment.