31 Jul 2012

RYANAIRHOTEL.COM GUARANTEES Highest COMMISSION..FLIGHT HOTEL EMPLOYMENT SCAM From RYANAIR...http://www.laterooms.com With Exploiter RYANAIR Boycott NOW...Not Only Holiday Inn. Crown Plaza..BOOKING.COM.. EXPEDIA ..http://www.intercontinental.com

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are aware of the hotel site Ryanair are involved in with laterooms.com
We can confirm Ryanair are paid a large commission from laterooms.com and can confirm it is cheaper to book direct to the hotel or direct...If you do use laterooms.com we advise the general public to stay clear of Ryanairhotel as exploitation of young people is Ryanair's priority.

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have launched the new blog below to target high hotel fees from Ryanair...


                   Hope you like our    New Blog Mr O'leary/Mr Bonderman


John said,
As you can see below Ryanair exploiters together with Expedia and you will get charged a higher rate for sure it you book from Ryanairhotels.com


22.03.07. RYANAIR ANNOUNCES FIVE YEAR HOTEL PARTNERSHIP WITH EXPEDIA. Ryanair, Europe's largest low fares airline today (22nd March) named 

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