25 Aug 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm Ryanair Holdings Plc are a disaster waiting to happen.
We have reported 3 Mayday calls all on the same day due to low fuel on board 3 Ryanair aircraft which is a money saving plan put in place by David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary.

Today we can report even more problems with Ryanair aircraft that relates to fuel.
A faulty fuel valve which leaked fuel from the wing of the aircraft was to blame for the delay of over 2 hours of flight FR 1919 from Valencia to Brussels.
It was a lucky escape that this problem was reported and resolved whilst the aircraft was on the ground and not at 38,000ft.As you can see from Ryanair's report below,

The Irish airline has offered  its official version of the incident in a brief statement.According to Ryanair, the engineers had to repair a "failure of a valve" to flight FR 1919 from Valencia to Brussels and apoligise for the two hour delay to passengers.

John said,
Ryanair's Michael O'Leary forgot to inform Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew on this flight that any hours worked regarding this two hour delay will be un-paid...;;FACT;;.


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Anonymous said...

Bonderman and O'Leary decided to limit fuel to save money? Baloney. All civil aviation authorities legislate and tightly enforce minimum fuel requirements for every commercial flight in their jurisdictions. Bonderman and O'Leary could no more countermand these requirements than they could pilot these aircraft themselves.

Just because you have a gripe with RyanAIr, doesn't mean you get to make up your own fiction - how about sticking to the facts? Remember, "you have a right to your opinions, but not to your facts". Sticking to the facts might make you and your screed more impactive to the blogosphere..


Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

You say ''All civil aviation authorities legislate and tightly enforce minimum fuel requirements for every commercial flight in their jurisdictions''.you talking about the Irish Irish Aviation Authority ?
You seem not to have true facts regarding safety issues on board Ryanair which the IAA investigate or do not!Fact.. As for the able body person sitting at emergency seats,were Ryanair charge extra for these seats Fact..which leads them empty,,an investigation at long last is in place by the IAA which could put lives at risk,Fact.......What about the continued reports from Ryanair pilots which the IAA dismiss??? Fact...
Also if you listen to this interview below,it is clear a safety issue occured,Fact.... One aircraft had less that the 30 minute fuel,Fact..even though it is common that these flight paths suffer delays as other airlines are aware of,Fact...Ryanair cut every corner to create even more profit. As for having a GRIPE against Ryanair as you say,it is very much more than a GRIPE,Ryanair wrecking so many young lives for profit,charging a large training fee only for a high % being terminated under a 12th month period,left abroad penniless with no way to return home and before any legal protection,Fact...Reason for a min 15 cabin crew recruitment days each month by Ryanair would you not say......As for O'Leary we all know lie after lie every time he opens his mouth as the Judge said,Fact.....Ryanairdontcare Campaign has no profit base,no commercial value one bit...
As for inpactive to blogosphere, over 150,000 hits in less that 15 months tells the true FACTS and we are not selling anything...Ryanairdontcare Campaign is the only campaign that shows the true facts regarding recruitment,employment and termination O'Leary wishes not to talk about..
Thank you for your comment..