21 Aug 2012

RYANAIR 3 MAYDAYS..Civil Aviation Authority reply to Ryanairdontcare Campaign's SAFETY WORRIES on Board RYANAIR FLIGHTS IN UK ''NOT OUR CONCERN''......Irish Aviation Authority TURN A Blind Eye,JUST ASK CREW....Michael O'Leary PRIVATE JET FUEL TANK Always Full..AT SHAREHOLDERS COST...

Ryanairdontcare Campaign yesterday wrote to the Civil Aviation Authority who are the law in the sky in the UK.
As we are all now aware of the dangers flying Ryanair in the UK after it was reported that  not one ,not two but 3 Ryanair flights in Spain issued a mayday call on the very same day 26th July 2012,all being LOW on fuel as a direct result of Ryanair's management putting PROFIT before human life..We thought it was best to contact the UK aviation authority with our concerns regarding flight safety issues which may endanger lives on board Ryanair's UK flights.
As you can see from the reply from the Civil Aviation Authority, NOT OUR PROBLEM...
I would have thought 3 maydays from any airline in the very same day in any European city would have been a serious concern for any aviation authority,not it seems the UK's Civil Aviation Authority..
Let us hope some form of authority will stop Ryanair risking the lives of passengers and crew daily as a direct result of profits..

Civil Aviation Authority Email...

Dear Mr Foley

I have been passed your e-mail for response.  Ryanair are an Irish
airline and regulated by the Irish Aviation Authority.
We are responsible for the regulation of UK operators and have no
jurisdiction over Ryanair.  I note that some of their training for cabin
crew is conducted in the UK, but the responsibility for training rests
with that of the airline operator.  I am therefore unable to comment in
this matter and would respectfully suggest that you address your query
to the IAA.

Yours sincerely

Janice Fisher
Manager - Cabin Safety
Flight Operations Inspectorate
Civil Aviation Authority
Aviation House
Gatwick Airport South
West Sussex, RH6 0YR


Tel:     +44 (0)1293 573955

 John said,
Regulations for any operator who put lives at risk must be deal with.In extreme cases as these 3 mayday calls were,aviation authorities all over Europe need to get their act together before lives are lost as a direct result of Ryanair Management's GREED............A bet Michael O'Leary's private JET which cost shareholders  US$ 7,950,000 in 2011 is never LOW on fuel....

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