5 Aug 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been contacted by a young student wishing to become a cabin crew.

St James Management Services Limited in Bishops Stortford,Herrtfordshire and at Elliot 
Road ,Love Lane, Cirencester are holding assessment day on 14th August 2012 in Stansted.
This student has sent us emails which Ryanairdontcare Campaign feel is very important to post

Email 1,

I applied for a position with Ryanair a few weeks ago and i am meant to attend an interview/assessment day on the 14th at Stansted. I came across your website today and now, while grateful I found it because I've been saved from a horrible situation I am also gutted because I thought this was finally my chance to have the career I've always wanted.

So thank you for saving me.

Email 2,
I'm glad I found your blog now rather than later when it was too late. I've decided to give the assessment day with ryanair a miss and try a different airline when they're next recruiting, maybe British Airways, or someone who is equally as good. Thank you again for your blog and stopping me from what I am now sure would of been a terrible life choice.

Kind Regards, 


John said,

As you can see, this Blog is giving a choice to young people wishing to become cabin crew...
Termination at Ryanair will damage your career in aviation and all i can ask is for new recruit to view this blog and make their own choice and i hope Europe's Greatest Exploiter Of Young People ''RYANAIR'' is a NO NO.....

I can confirm Ryanair have 15 cabin crew recruitment days  August 2012.


        Ryanair Cabin Crew Training Course
                       Up to  3000 Euro

I can confirm Easyjet have no cabin crew recruitment days August 2012.

       Easyjet Cabin Crew Training Course
         No charge.Easyjet pay you to train.


Photos below first protest outside Scammers StJames Management Bishops Stortford in 2009.


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