1 Dec 2012

MICHAEL O'LEARY & DAVID BONDERMAN TPG Are You Watching...RYANAIRDONTCARE CAMPAIGN 200,000 BLOG VISITS...New Website Going Live 2013..TERMINATED Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew STRANDED ABROAD ''Ryanairdontcare Campaign ''WILL HELP WITH FLIGHTS...


''Doomed To Fail'' O'leary  Lol.....

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are very pleased to inform Ryanair exploiters in aviation that Ryanairdontcare Campaign have reached over 200,000 visits to our blog in under 2 years.
The total number of hits are 202.039 at present and Mr O'Leary & Mr Bonderman we are not selling anything.

John said,
With a high % of visitors to my Blog young people wishing to become cabin crew it gives me great pleasure knowing Ryanair 's ''LIVE THE HIGH LIFE'' recruitment moto has at last been seen as what it is for real, recruitment for termination policy wrecking young lives all over Europe for profit by RYANAIR.
I can CONFIRM in 2013 a website will be going live which will replace this Blog and Google/Ryanair will have no control in deleting posts..This website will have many features which will upset Ryanair ''GREAT'' and help young terminated probationary cabin crew more with FREE flights home for any Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew member penniless,stranded aboard by Ryanair/Crewlink/Workforce...
I wish to thank all who have helped spread the word Ryanair are Scamming young people and continue to do so..
In Solidarity
John Joseph Foley

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