11 May 2013

WIGAN ATHLETIC WEMBLEY WINNERS..Outsider won the day ''Michael O'Leary EXPLOITER '' SCUM''..

Wigan Athletic have broken the heart of Europe's Greatest Exploiter Of Young People Michael O'Leary.
O'Leary probably used Ryanair's private jet in traveling with Ryanair senior executives to this FA Cup final,taking their place in an executive box,costing thousands of pound but paying probationary Ryanair cabin crew less than 10 euro a flight...
Ryanairdontcare Campaign can tell you Michael O'Leary's priority is making as much money from Probationary Cabin Crew by TERMINATION,horse racing and his love for his beloved Manchester City..
It is a great day today showing that no matter how much money you have it will never guarantee success...Timefor all to boycott Ryanair  ....

John said,
Have a nice day Mr O'Leary ''Outsider won the day more to follow''....

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