13 May 2013


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm that safety is being breached by some pilots at Ryanair who are Ryanair employees and not contracted Pilots.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been in contact with a partner of a Ryanair cabin crew member who feels safety is being breached  on Ryanair flights.As you can see from the email below,names are taken out as not to identify the person who is leaking this information...

Good morning John,

I thought I would inform you that the comment about Cabin Crew being allowed to play with the planes controls was from me. 

A very senior captain within Ryanair allowed my partrner to play with the planes controls whilst in flight while the First Officer went to the toilet. It is protocol for a cabin crew member to sit in if the First Officer or Captain is out, but the playing of the controls is way past safety. xxxxxxxx told me how the captain xxxxxxxx told her to press buttons and twist dials to let the plane bank left and right. All in an effort to show off as he is a womanising.

John, I will inform you now, I've been out to see her on a few occasions, your fight is worth it all the way, 90% of cabin crew where she is hated the job, but liked the lifestyle. Crewlink are exploiting them, and 50% tax rates, being put into a country where nobody speaks English and health care has dropped dramatically, it has changed people and it's a shame to say that has a knock on effect.

I wish you all the best and I will keep an eye on the updates. I will post up more things as the months go on and I find out more, the trainee pilots don't get an easy ride too, without pay for 4-5 months whilst flying normal hours.

Please keep everything I say confidential, and if it is posted or taken further, please leave names out, thank you.

John said,
This is not acceptable for pilots to act in this way and information has been sent to an authority in aviation.
As for the tax scam,Ryanair have been doing this for years,health care for probationary cabin crew is a joke...Ryanair are scum and time for all to boycott this airline.

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so bad