22 Jun 2013


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm a Protest took place on 16th July at 8.45am at the Radisson hotel Dublin airport were Ryanair were holding a shareholders meeting regarding the Boeing aircraft deal.

This is not the first time Ryanairdontcare Campaign targeted these meetings for peaceful protest against Ryanair's exploitation of young probationary cabin crew and it was not the first time Ryanairdontcare Campaign's founder John Foley was assaulted by either the Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport..We can confirm that at least John Foley was not arrested as he was in 2011,kept in a police cell with no charges being made.John seems to have told the Garda of his rights as a peaceful protester which should not involve a police arrest.You can see the letter's sent to Sergeant Damian Kerins  from Garda H District,Dublin Airport and the manager of the Radisson Blu Hotel...

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                                                                                                                                    21st June 2013
Sergeant Damian Kerins.
Garda H District,
Dublin Airport.

Dear Sergeant Kerins,

I am in contact with you today regarding an incident outside the entrance of the Radisson Blu Hotel which continued to the side of the hotel. I wish to report an assault against me .This accident happened on 16th June 2013 between 8.30 am / 9.30 am. I was approached by 4 males, at this point i am not sure who these 4 males work for, either it is the Radisson Blu Hotel or Ryanair.
No form of identification was worn by these 4 males to their identity which i could see, job description or any verbal confirmation on who these 4 males were.
I have requested the CCTV video recording of this incident from the Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel under the Data Protection Act Section 4.

I also wish to request information from you regarding the security personal who were on duty at this Ryanair shareholders meeting , are these security personal employed by the Radisson Blu Hotel ,Ryanair or any other company not as yet mentioned.
As you are aware you have kept my Flip Video Camera which contains some of the footage i personally took for my own protection, this footage i must request a copy from you please.

What is also of concern to me is the impartiality i feel the Garda is not, to this peaceful protest
which you are aware, relates to Ryanair’s continues exploitation of thousands of young people not only in Ireland but all over Europe.
I saw an officer of the Garda or the Airport police speaking to a Ryanair personnel (who i have seen at Ryanair’s head office)when i was being held to the side of the hotel which proves to me the impartiality of my peaceful protest is not applied when it comes to protesting against Ryanair.
You Sergeant Kerins did ask me did i have a travel ban placed upon me which could only have been mentioned by this Ryanair  personnel  as the same being asked in UK on my last Ryanair peaceful protest.
I must finish by saying, over the last 2 years 3 major peaceful protests have taken place in Ireland,2 being at Dublin airport against Ryanair which have involved me being the victim of extreme force and assault in stopping this peaceful  protests and being arrested by yourself on one of these occasion. The other major peaceful protest was in 2011 against Dalmac a Ryanair recruiter in Rush were a motor vehicle mounted the public path, drove against me then drove over my foot, all being captured on cctv and on my own personal video which was reported and shown to the Garda in Skerries  ,with me giving a police statement still no action was taken against this person  or even an update from the Garda. The lack of any action being taken by the Garda to anything that relates to my Ryanair  peaceful protests ,were i am confronted with either extreme form or assault cannot and must not continue.
Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely

John Foley
Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

John said,
 Sergeant Damian Kerins took my own video camera by saying it may be used in evidence and under the same breath stated i will see what the Radisson want to do,. As you can see from these words alone Sergeant Damian Kerins is not impartial to my peaceful protest...
View the video below from Dalmac in Rush were a motor vehicle was used against me. 


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