20 Jun 2013

Judy Byrne Crewlink RYANAIR Exploit Young People For Profit..Judy Byrne IS A SCAMMER...

Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm that Judy Byrne the person who fronts Crewlink Ireland Limited for Ryanair has won an Entrepreneurs Award for her work in recruiting thousands of young people wanting to become cabin crew.All being charge up to 3000 euro to train with up to 60% of new recruits TERMINATED under 12 months.
We can confirm Judy Byrne has her hand in TERMINATING over 10,000 young people for profit.
Crewlink was set up by Ryanair as a way to continue the hourly rate of pay scam used on probationary Ryanair cabin crew which generates up to £50 Million each year.

John said,
This award is a joke and give a thought please for the thousands of Terminated young people,lives wrecked by Judy Byrne Ryanair/Crewlink...


 Go on the Awards Programme below.
 http://www.wxnetwork.com/?w=top25  Page 11 and see what Exploiter Judy Byrne looks like.

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