10 Aug 2013


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been sent this article below from present cabin crew at Ryanair.
Young people wishing a career in aviation as cabin crew for Ryanair should see this..
Ryanairdontcare Campaign would also like to ask for help getting this message below on as many forums related to Ryanair recruitment in Europe as possible.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to thank present Ryanair cabin crew for telling their story...

Cabin Crew Ryanair their words...

Hello John

There were already many stories about our conditions of work in web, television, newspapers etc.
Not going to repeat these, my story comes from my personal experience and experience of my colleagues from around the Europe.
There is no specific order of topics I choose to write about, it's just a random flow of the things going terribly wrong.
I hope no one gets offended by my words as this is not my intention.
Here comes the rant:

First of all we are not allowed to join the existing union or unite into union, although officially Ryanair says we can.
They just refuse to talk with unions, ignoring them completely.
At the moment unfortunately there is no one brave enough to organize as that person would be dismissed straight away without a reason.
That means that we can't fight in legal way for our rights and that's the way Ryanair wants to keep.
The pilots managed to create Ryanair Pilot Group to represent themselves and fight for their rights.
I watch closely how they work and hope that their success will help us (cabin crew) to finally stand up for ourselves.

The management at Ryanair is terrible.
It comes from very top through all the levels to the bottom, to us.
I never received any positive feedback from my superiors, not a single word.
If something comes back it's always a bad thing.
Depending on the base itself and the base supervisors it might differ from bad to very bad.

There are some bases in which the cabin crew members have to report by the end of the day (sometimes very long four sector day) to the base supervisor and explain why for example they sold only this amount of scratch cards and not more, did they tried their best to improve the sales?
The final feedback is always negative: you didn't try good enough and next time you need to improve.
That time after the flight is of course not being paid for.
I understand that sales on board are being important part of Ryanair profit and helps to keep lower fares but that kind of attitude doesn't motivate us to sell more. All it does it's creating unnecessary fear and stress which during the flight might be a safety concern.
We are pushed to the limits and that repeats every day.

From every item we sell on board we are receiving sales bonus.
You might think that's a good reason to sell more. Well it is but since a while there is a problem with that part of our salary.
We are not receiving the amount we expect or not receiving it at all.

Nobody knows for sure how the sales bonus is calculated.
If there are some discrepancies in our bars on board (many times it's a catering mistake) there is no information who is paying for that.
We suspect we are and the money are being taken from our salary.
Some of my colleagues didn't receive sales bonus at all despite very busy roster and big sales on board.
The person(s) responsible for answering the queries about missing bonus are never coming back with satisfying answer.
The only explanation we are receiving is the phrase "stock adjustment" with no explanation what that even means.
There are few persons in my base that kept the track of their monthly sales so there were able to calculate by themselves how much money more or less they should receive by the end of the month.
Since they received 0 (zero), they posted a query to payroll department stating that they should receive that and that amount of money.
The answer was: there were some discrepancies in the bars and missing items that's why we took that and that amount of money from your salary.
Apparently it's another way for Ryanair to make a profit.

There was always a big issue in Ryanair with selling scratch cards on board.
It must be a huge profit as we are being constantly nag and push to sell more.
Some of my friends in other bases must sell specific number of scratch cards on each flight.
If they don't, they need to explain why.
Ryanair says that the money from selling them goes to the charity but there is no information how big percent actually is being send to charity and how much Ryanair keeps.
Can't provide that information to passengers if they are asking.

We are not being paid for turnarounds between the flights although we are still working.
We have to report 45 minutes before the flight for briefing and preparing the aircraft and that time we also work for free.
If we have to stay after the flight to explain why we didn't sell that and that or fill up some reports, that's also the time with no pay.
The only time we are getting paid for it's the time in the air.

The days marked as HSBY on our rosters are the days we have to be prepared to fly in case they need us.
That's the time not being paid as well and in case of call we need to reach the airport within one hour.
That's sometimes difficult and with the fact that most of the Ryanair airports are being far away from cities in remote locations, it means that if you are without the car and have to relay on public transportation you might not make it on time.
Of course you can always call a taxi but the money goes from your private pocket.
Not reaching the airport on time means that you will receive a note called "late show" and probably once you land you will need to have a conversation with your base supervisor to explain yourself.
Being sick in Ryanair means not being paid as well.
There is no sickness benefits of any kind regardless the country.
We are paying for the doctor and the medication from your own money.
There is special procedure  when you are being sick.
You need to let know the crew control that you are not able to fly minimum two hours before scheduled departure.
That's understandable and reasonable although you might have an accident one hour before the departure and that will not matter for Ryanair. You will face the consequences anyway.
The base supervisor must be informed as well and on top of that you must come to the airport (no matter how sick you are), to the crew room to fill up the sickness report and fax it back to Dublin.
It's a ridiculous procedure.

If I'm going to be sick more than three days, I will also need to provide doctor's certificate (in English)
For someone based in Ireland or England that's less problems as it will be already in English language.
For the rest of crew based around whole Europe the cost of translation is again on you.
Too many days sick it's no good at all.
Probably you will be called to the office for a never friendly chat with your base supervisor to explain again and again what was happening and why you are sick so often.
Ryanair offers us a possibility to change the base if we are unhappy for any reason with our current one.
But there are some bases well known from being easy to get out from and there are bases which are almost impossible to change.
I don't know too many people happy with their current allocation.
Many of my colleagues want's to change the base, for many reasons.
It seems like it should be easy for Ryanair to make people happy and give them what the want, just shuffle them around the Europe, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way.
I've seen some of my friends in tears after meeting with base managers almost begging for transfer because of sick parents, kids, families being left behind.
None of them got the transfer. None of the reason was good enough to get it.
There is no compassion in this company from anyone.
There were people forced by their personal live events to quit working for Ryanair as that was the only way out of their current base.
I heard about someone quitting because of sudden death of the family member and not receiving few extra (unpaid) days off to say last goodbye.

It's all very sad but true.
This is not the way it should be.

The conditions at  Ryanair are constantly downgrading and once you think it can not get any worse, it always does.
The local institutions are turning blind eye at what is happening to us.
There is no support from anyone.

All I want and I believe that's also what all of my colleagues want is to be treated with dignity.
I still enjoy the job a lot.
But that's because of friends I have a pleasure to work with and the passengers.
Would love to be proud of my employer as well, but that's currently impossible.
It's a heartless machine that aims for profit only.
They use the current economic crisis to make as much money as they can disregarding completely employees doing the actual job.
Wish one day that will change, although sadly I must admit it's probably just wishful thinking.

Thank You.

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