27 Sep 2013

Europe's Greatest ROBBERS Of Passengers and crew ''RYANAIR'' Time To Boycott...Ryanairdontcare Campaign stop DAVID BONDERMAN going to RYANAIR AGM...

Many members of the public have been in contact with Ryanairdontcare Campaign expressing their anger at the treatment they have experienced by Ryanair regarding flight bookings,extra charges,cancellation and more importantly the lack of empathy whatsoever from RYANAIR with regards either death of a love one or A severe life threatening illness..

Personal stories from passengers that feel they have been treated badly by Ryanair..You can send your story to  ryanairdontcare@yahoo.co.uk  and they will be published here.

John said,

Photo below taken at the Ryanair AGM 2013 were chief exploiter David Bonderman was scared to attend thanks to Ryanairdontcare Campaign...

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