10 Oct 2013

Capitalists Paradise Ireland..Irish labour law which are the weakest in Europe.RYANAIR ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS.

Ryanairdontcare Campaign for the last 5 years have been spreading the word about Ryanair's   exploitation of its cabin crew.It first started after this blogs founder's daughter was Recruited by Ryanair for the sole purpose of making as much money as possible out of her before Termination.She was not alone and since 2004 thousands of young that want to become cabin crew have been treated the very same way by Ryanair.Last week as you may be aware,the French are making a stance against Ryanair's breaching of French labour laws in Marignane which not only involves PAYE tax,Social dumping,zero hour contracts and preventing staff from having access to unions.

Irish labour law which are the weakest in Europe.
Irish employment law in place to employ non-Irish workers throughout the EU on weak
Irish zero-hour contracts is also a sham.
Irish employment law keeps  Ryanair's workers under a 12 month period at bay with no protection from the abuse at Ryanair.With Ryanair using 80% of their cabin crew on zero hour contract with 60% of new recruits being terminated under a 12 months period,cabin crew having no union involvement at Ryanair to stop this.
Capitalists' Paradise Ireland
Irish people should be ashamed of their Government's weak labour laws that has made Ryanair plenty of profit on the exploitation of their workforce.Wrecking the lives of so many with suicide being an issue of  some Ryanair workers.
Ireland  is not only a tax haven for big firms like Google and Starbucks but clearly an offshore haven for employers to exploit their workforce which must be stopped.

John said,
Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman are guilty of exploiting so many young people for profit and people need to boycott this airline until the two above are gone...

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Anonymous said...

Ireland not all it seems.many things going on that general public are not aware of