8 Oct 2013

RYANAIR AND STANSTED AIRPORT COMPETITION.RYANAIR FLIGHT SIMULATOR ..Stansted and Ryanair after your personal data and will send you marketing communications...

As well as Manchester airport bending over backwards for Ryanair it is now Stansted airports turn.Both airports are fully aware of the exploitation of Pilots and Cabin Crew by Ryanair management and are aware that Ryanair's priority is NOT safety.
Do not be fooled by these two airports above,both owned by The Manchester Airports Group plc.


Stansted and Ryanair after your personal data and will send you marketing communications...

                       Advert on the Stansted Airport website.

John said
Manchester Airport Group Plc are fully aware of the suicide of a Ryanair pilot in 2011 at Manchester Airport and are fully aware of the serious employment issues related to Ryanair pilots and cabin crew with thousands of young probationary cabin crew TERMINATED for profit...They are not interested in the welfare of pilots and cabin crew who work at their airports as PROFIT is their priority which I have seen with my own eyes...
Ryanair have not recruited at Manchester Airport for over a year now.Has this video below  stopped Ryanair's recruitment at Manchester Airport...?????

Added 9th October 2013..
With in hours of posting the above,Ryanair's head office in Dublin Airport were tracked on this post..Are you interested in Simulator ''Michael''

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