20 Jun 2015


Ryanair's legal Secretary  Juliusz Komorek contacted Google in 2012 to have a post on this blog removed.STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL request can be seen below.The post related to management bullies at Ryanair which involves Peter Bellew who has been recruited by Malaysia Airlines and appointed chief operations officer after losing two Passenger Jets.If only Malaysia Airlines new the real story about Peter Bellew. Just ask former Ryanair pilot Mr Fischer, who worked for Ryanair for five years and claimed Ryanair's Bellew  acted unreasonably when after a difficult birth of his child he requested five days of paid leave and moving expenses to move from his former home in Aix-en-Provence near Marseilles  following the closure of the company's hub in Marseilles. 
MALAYSIA AIRLINES Pilots and Cabin Crew watch out..

 Juliusz Komorek letter to google below.

STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL Re: Ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com Dear Sirs, Ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com (“Ryanairdontcare”) is an anti-Ryanair site, which promulgates false and defamatory statements about Ryanair’s aircraft safety, operating procedures and crew employment conditions, both directly and also through the libcom.org blog. We are extremely concerned that Google has recently promoted this misleading and defamatory site by giving it prominence on the Ryanair page on Google News. The Ryanairdontcare blog was established by Mr. John Foley. It is not the first blog Mr. Foley has had and in fact a similar abusive blog by Mr. Foley, located at a marginally different address, ryanairdontcare.blogspot.com, was closed down by Google on 13 May 2011. Mr. Foley also had a site at www.irishaviationauthority.com which has been suspended. Mr. Foley developed his misguided grudge against Ryanair when his daughter had her probationary employment terminated (by one of our contract agencies) in November 2008 following the first seven weeks of her probationary employment due to repeated absenteeism. Ever since Mr. Foley has pursued an increasingly erratic and dangerous campaign to publicly defame Ryanair. This campaign has included stunts such as unsafe trespass on the roof of Liverpool Airport, trespass across the track at Cheltenham race course in March 2011 (endangering himself, the horses and jockeys) and more recently handcuffing himself to the goalposts at an English Premiership match in Goodson Park. As a result of these extremely dangerous stunts the UK police and court services have issued Mr. Foley with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (copy as posted on Mr. Foley’s blog available on request) which will be the subject of a court hearing on 24 April next. Ryanair has not taken legal action against Mr. Foley because he has no resources and it would only serve to give him more publicity for his senseless and defamatory campaign. Ryanairdontcare’s completely untrue claims, which mainly denigrate Ryanair’s aircraft safety, operating procedures and crew employment, also include allegations of suicide and depression among our employees.



John said,
Allegations of suicide regarding Mr Paul Ridgard a Ryanair pilot.
Ryanair continue to put profit as a priority,Safety second and working conditions none existent and attack any person who tries to talk..
Campaign on six years will continue AGM September protest next.
 Prominence on the Ryanair page Google News Mr O'leary, we still do after 500,000 hits to this blog Lol..https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=ryanair+news&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=qyiLVdauF6WJ7Qa8xb3gDg
DON'T need your publicity Mr O'Leary done it all myself and will continue.

        Thumbs DOWN for Ryanair bully Peter Bellew.

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John Foley said...

Ryanair will never take me to court for the sole reason of publicity to the employment practices of this airline whichsome are being told at present in Denmark.This campaign was set up to highlight the employment of probationary cabin crew who Ryanair exploit the most.Ryanair recruit through third party so no blame stands at their door.Ryanair cabin crew recruitment is set up as a scam,charging thousands to train,per hour rate of pay scam which runs into millions,which shareholders are not aware of AND finish off with thousands of young cabin crew TERMINATED under 12 months,before any employment protection is in place.Ryanair used third party St James Management 5 years ago to get a restraning order placed on me to stop my publicity protests but Never in their name will they take me to court.Reason being I could win.This campaigns aim is to let wanaby cabin crew have true facts about working for Ryanair and be a thurn in the side of David Bonderman the real chief at Ryanair and Michael O!Leary,They both have wrecked so many young lives for profit and their priority is the share price and nothing else.Two years ago recruitment at Ryanair was very low which meant so was TERMINATION. The more Ryanair can recruit the more they TERMINATED.Message to Michael O!Leary, Ryanairdontcare Campaign 7th year is aproching and more to follow,you don,t abuse my child and get away with it..