15 Jun 2015

Ryanair's Director of Personnel EDDIE WILSON..Danish Labour Court.NO to Social Dumping and TERMINATION For PROFIT PROBATIONARY CABIN CREW..RYANAIR AGM Protest 24th SEPTEMBER 2015..

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When Ryanair white-haired personnel director and Terminator Eddie Wilson today takes another trip from Dublin in Ireland to fight against the Danish unions in the Labour Court in Copenhagen, it expresses something quite different and far more than the Irish stubbornness.It is the result of a business model and a form of society that differs markedly from the one we usually know at home.Also read Researcher: Ryanair situation is not commonplaceIt considers two pilots, who previously worked for the Irish low-cost airline and thus have marked the culture of Ryanair's own body.- Ryanair just will not negotiate with unions at all. The position goes to the root of Ryanair and is part of the core of the company, says Nilas Andersen, who worked for Ryanair from 2011 to 2013 and today is the pilot of a Danish company.Will create discordMorten Windeløv who was a pilot for the company from 2007 to 2011, tells the same story of a company with a business model whose base is about keeping the unions from the dish:- We will not accept trade unions or organized labor. They would not at all accept that you are trying to create better conditions for the group you are part of. You will save money by creating discord among employees and thus also share the votes actually could talk together for improvement, says Morten Windeløv who now work in a Danish airline and also members of the Board of Flyvebranchens Staff Union (FPU) which have required agreements against Ryanair.Trial started in earnestThe two pilots are called by LO as witnesses in the first actual hearing, the so-called main debate, which today kicks off at. 14.30 in the Labour Court.Also read Ryanair shoveling money despite criticismThe three Supreme Court justices must decide whether the Danish trade union movement that requires Danish agreements with the company, must perform sympathy blockade against Ryanair in Denmark - or about the Irish company instead is subject to Irish law. In addition, the court must decide whether the test case to be submitted to the EU Court of Justice.Management will control everythingAnd the two pilots who both worked for Ryanair through recruitment company Brookfield Aviation, is not surprised that Ryanair sacrifice time and money on many long litigation rather than just drawing a collective agreement for employees in the Danish bases in Copenhagen and Billund. Collective agreements are not possible in Ryanair, they explain:- Trade unions complicate Ryanair-management principle that there should be more efficient constant and earned money at any cost, and that management will control everything that's going on, he says.- You must be a member of a union, but you may not use the union to what you normally use a union to - for example, discuss the pay and employment conditions. If I talked to a union of things in my contract, so I would be free and probably prosecuted. It's terrible and against all Danish principles, says Nilas Andersen.Fear of unemploymentBoth Nilas Andersen and Morten Windeløv applied for a job in the company, despite rumors of harsh working conditions. Yet, they both shook the tone and the style of management of the company:- It is a very authoritarian, abusive, bullying and generally incredibly tough management style. Most misbehaving because they are afraid. They are afraid of losing their job - especially flight attendants - many of them are from Eastern or Southern Europe, where unemployment is high, explains Nilas Andersen.Also read Odense supports Copenhagen and Aarhus and dropping RyanairMorten Windeløv call management style "management by fear".- It uses threats and punishment for personnel. It runs the risk of smoking in the black book, and then they can, for example, force you to another base with minimum notice. There is a widespread disdain and lack of understanding of employees. It made me feel uncomfortable and restless, I can not comprehend that you can be treated like that. And I was not alone - many other pilots felt the same way.If conditions were so poor, why were you there in four years?- When you stand as a pilot with a large debt for his education, then you can not afford a long period without pay. So you have to accept the situation until something else comes up, says Morten Windeløv.Ryanair have taken the lead in the price war, which today ensures cheap flights to everyone - including people who before could only dream about flying. Has such a company is not a reason to exist?- There are plenty of examples of low cost airlines that can provide employees with relatively good agreements, talk nicely to employees - and still sell cheap tickets, says Morten Windeløv.Hearing into the eveningABC News has presented the pilots' statements for Ryanair, but it was Sunday night yet returned with a response.Read also VIDEO Air with Ryan Air? Have you no shame, kid?Today's hearing begins 14:30 and is expected to last late into the evening. In addition to the two pilots flying LO also FPU's President, Thilde Mortensen Waast, as a witness. Also Ryanair leads several witnesses, including the head of the base in Copenhagen and personnel director Eddie Wilson.It is uncertain whether the judgment is rendered today. A realistic scenario is that the court gives a decision in a few weeks.Ryanair's Director of Personnel Scum Bag Eddie Wilson arrives in court to a large demonstration See video below.

Also see the two videos below when Ryanairdontcare Campaign confronted this nasty man.



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