25 Nov 2015

Ryanair concludes five-year pay deal with pilots.Ryanair said 90% of cabin crew voted in a secret ballot.90% OF 20% OF CABIN CREW CONTRACTED TO RYANAIR.Total SCAM..

Ryanair concludes five-year pay deal with pilots.

Ryanair said 90% of staff members at its largest cabin crew bases in Dublin and London-Stansted had voted in a secret ballot to accept five-year deals incorporating what it described as pay increases, improved rosters and rapid promotion opportunities.

Ryanair who are Europe's Greatest Exploiters of Young Cabin Crew fail to say is that the 90% of cabin crew involved in this secret ballot are out of 20% of cabin crew contracted to Ryanair with 80% of total cabin crew numbers contracted and exploited through shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International and are not involved in this secret ballot which the press continue to ignore. 

These 80% of cabin crew are exploited Terminated and scammed through a per hour rate of pay scam generating £millions each month with many others aware and involved.Not mentioning any names (Irish Government/The Bank Of Ireland)..http://www.rte.ie/news/business/2015/1125/749180-ryanair-pilot-pay-deal/

The report above quotes  Ryanair's Scum Bag Chief People Officer (head of personnel) Eddie Wilson of saying

 '' cabin crew negotiations will now commence at all of Ryanair's 74 other cabin crew bases''.

Look at Scum Bag Eddie Terminator Wilson below confronted by Ryanairdontcare Campaign twice.

John said,

If anyone wants to forward details regarding this pay deal you can send to this blog which will be anonymously dealt with or forward to RTE Ingrid Miley. 

If anyone wants to contact me with details of the new pay deal, feel free!

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