10 Nov 2015


John said, Doomed To Fail Mr O'Leary......

With thousands of people over the last few days seeing this post below from James McKelvie (thanks James) and this blog regarding the Ryanair charity on board scratch card Scam which reflects the real reason why Ryanair sell these cards.James honest information regarding the profit and charities payment from 2013 came from this blog.See below.

 James McKelvie fb post below which has made  Ryanair dismiss claims going viral on Facebook..

James McKelvie said,
I have just returned from holiday courtesy of Ryanair. During the flight, the cabin crew were punting the Ryanair charity scratch cards. They were selling them using the children's hospice charity CHAS which, they said, benefited from their sale. They also said that you had the chance of winning 1 million euro. They must have sold at least 25 cards on board our flight. On later investigation, I discovered that in 2013 they sold about 16 million euro worth of scratch cards, and distributed 55,000 euro to charities, ie about 0.3%, or less than 1 cent for each 2 euro scratch card went to charity. There is also only one card per year with the chance of winning the million euro, but if you are lucky enough to get this card, you are then invited to choose from 125 envelopes, only one of which has a cheque for 1 million euro. The million euro will only be won once every 125 years. This is an utterly cynical way for Michael O'Leary and Ryanair to increase their profits, using a children's cancer charity to do so. They could hardly stoop any lower.

Ravelmole article.
Ryanair trying to defend itself over in-flight scratch-card accusations on travel mole...
Tuesday, November 10, 2015  
Ryanair has dismissed claims going viral on Facebook that it is being 'utterly cynical' in the way it sells charity scratch-cards on its flights.
It insists that a post on Facebook accusing the airline of donating only a tiny percentage of its proceeds to a sick children's charity from the sales from scratch-cards was 'fanciful and inaccurate'.
A spokesman for the airline said it had donated 'over €2 million' to 50 charities across 12 countries in the EU.
"These charities cover a wide range of hospitals, schools, child welfare and sports club fundraisings. Over the last 12 months alone more than €500,000 was donated to charitable causes," he said.
However, the airline did not say how much it had raised in total from scratch-card sales or what percentage was donated to charity.
In his Facebook message, passenger James McKelvie claimed the airline donated just 0.3% of the sale price to charities and pocketed the rest.
He said on his recent flight Ryanair was using children's hospice CHAS to 'punt' its scratch cards, which he claimed was a 'cyncial' way to boost its profits.
He also pointed out that in five years, no-one has won the top prize of €1 million as the odds are stacked so high against them.
In his post, which has already been shared almost 16,000 times in five days, McKelvie said that by 2013 Ryanair had raised €16 million from the sale of scratch-cards, yet it had distributed just €55,000 to good causes.
The figures appear to come from an anti-Ryanair website set up by disgruntled airline staff four years ago.
A Ryanair spokesman added: "These numbers are entirely speculative and false. The author has no basis for his fanciful and inaccurate guestimates."
However, he did confirm that no-one had yet won the €1 million prize, but it said that over €1.5 million of free cars and cash prizes had been won by customers.
The airline's spokesman confirmed McKelvie's claim that Ryanair has only one scratch-card per year with a chance of winning the €1 million euro and the holder must then choose from 125 envelopes, only one of which contains a €1 million cheque.
"The million euro will only be won once every 125 years," wrote McKelvie. "This is an utterly cynical way for Michael O'Leary and Ryanair to increase their profits, using a children's cancer charity to do so. They could hardly stoop any lower."


 Ryanair said,
 Ryanair trying to defend itself over in-flight scratch-card accusations on twitter.
Tuesday, November 10, 2015  
Contrary to false social media claims about scratchcards, gave over €2m to charity over the past 5 yearsEmbedded image permalink
 John Said,
So let us focus on what Ryanair are saying on twitter and Travel Mole.Ryanair are calling these false claims , Ryanair spokesman added: "These numbers are entirely speculative and false. The author has no basis for his fanciful and inaccurate guesstimates."

This blog is the author of these figures which were collected through Ryanair whilst blowers, Ryanair's own news feeds plus charities themselves.We do not lie Mr O'Leary like you and your senior management team have done in the courts over the years.

Judge criticises Ryanair's Michael O'Leary for lying. http://www.rte.ie/news/2010/0326/129233-ryanair/

Judge criticises false evidence of Ryanair executives. 


Director of Personnel Scum Bag Eddie Wilson photo below who was one of those Ryanair executives giving false evidence in court can be seen below handing over 5000 euro cheque to the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) in Glasgow.See post below.


John said,
Ryanair's board members,senior management,Ryanair chief David Bonderman (TPG) and Michael O'Leary are business men who's priority is profit over everything at Ryanair.
Working conditions and pay of pilots/cabin crew are not important.Priority is profit through exploitation of pilots and cabin crew with the per hour rate of pay Scam which sees thousands of cabin crew terminated and 100s of million in profit since 2004 with the help of Brookfield Aviation (pilots), Ryanair shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International ,Dalmac(cabin crew)..

This charity scratch card activity on board Ryanair is completely unregulated which makes it so much easier for Ryanair to use the names of charities as a front and tool to rake in € million since its launch..

Over the last 5 years Ryanair say 2 million has been given to charity and this could be from scratch card sales of 70 + million going by their 2013 sales.
Ryanair in 2013 gave 55,000 to charities out of sales of €16.2 million.Let us not forget out of the 55,000 Ryanair gave to charities in 2013, €20,000 went to Jack & Jill Foundation in Ireland who's CEO is a man called  Jonathon Irwin who is a former employee of RYANAIR.
Considering only €55,000 was given to charity by Ryanair in 2013 with €20,000 going to a charity run by a former Ryanair employee ,if the (more than) €500,000 was donated to charitable causes by Ryanair over the last 12 months which is much higher than €55,000 given in 2013 can we have proof Mr O'Leary .''sorry John Foley but Ryanair don't need to show proof because our charity on board scratch card is completely unregulated''..

 I do hope more people see Ryanair for what they are SCUM and using the name of a Children's Cancer charity to gain €millions in profit.
                     SHAME ON YOU RYANAIR
          ''BOYCOTT THEM NOW ''

Daily Mirror
20th June 2015.

Ryanair plane unfair as charity lotto winner must pick €1m prize from 125 envelopes report from Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

John said,
Great to see the press all over this. Ryanairdontcare Campaign's eight year fight will continue and be much stronger in 2016 ''THE FIGHT CONTINUES''...


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