26 Dec 2015


The comments below comes from a parent regarding the Ryanair cabin crew training and it is very disturbing..If anybody reading this blog has any information regarding this suicide it is important that you sent John Foley details here  lfcheart@yahoo.co.uk or jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk .or an address can be given for written contact.All contact to Ryanairdontcare Campaign will be kept anonymous as we have done for 7 years now..  
It is not the first Ryanair suicide to have taken place and will not be the last.
Ryanair pilot Paul Ridgard suicide has many post here on this blog. 

Parts of the comment sent to me over the last few days.Some parts are deleted to protect the identity of the person sending this information ...
Thank for your help John, several quit on ,,,,,,,, course, my ............ also stated that someone on a previous course had taken there own life. It's a terrible shocking way to run a business in the modern age. Worry that my wife and I will now get poor credit based on our address if they pursue it? Once again thanks for your help

yes that's what ..............  says, ...... was told during her training by someone on another course sorry but ..... doesn't know anything else about it, several people on ...... course have left, as they simply couldn't cover there own living costs

Hi, i have spoken to to my .........., and ......... doesn't know the details, but it happened around 6 months ago in Bishops Stortford, i am sorry i don't have any other details to help you with, i am just surprised that this all hasn't been the subject of a tv documentary, say Panorama etc.

 john said,
So a parson taking the Ryanair cabin crew training course was told that one of the students taking this Ryanair cabin crew training committed suicide about 6 months ago either in Hahn Training Centre, Bishops Stortford or Stanstead Airport.Please share this post with cabin crew at Ryanair and forward information to me please to see if there is any connection with RYANAIR..

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Anonymous said...

Yet another suicide in Ryanair. Is Darrell Hughes linked with this one?
John can you list people who work for Darrell Hughes directly?

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Hi not sure of the true facts yet but will post soon as i have more information.