28 Dec 2015


1, Do you ever feel stress and fatigue whilst working at Ryanair
2, Do you feel it is Ryanair's policy to keep cabin crew under pressure and duress in the work place.
3, Do you feel safety of passengers and crew are at risk at Ryanair when cabin crew are under stress from Ryanair management.
4, Have you ever taken anti depressant medication as a direct result of treatment of Ryanair management in the work place.
5, Do you feel there should be a health or stress officer at all airports which could deal with issues crew have,ie depression in the work place.
6, Do you feel exploited by your employer Ryanair.
7, Do you personally know any crew member at Ryanair who has contemplated suicide or   committed suicide.
8, Have you ever thought of suicide yourself as a direct result of the Ryanair work place.
9, Do you feel Crewlink Ireland Ltd could help new recruits more settling in the new work place.
10, Do you feel more help should be given by Crewlink Ireland Ltd to new recruits in helping set up accommodation once working at Ryanair.
11, The first few weeks of you starting work on Ryanair as cabin crew.Do you feel any depression that could effect your own health.

John Said.

This questionnaire will be sent to the following orginisations.
Irish Aviation Authority
Civil Aviation Authority

All contacts to this QUESTIONNAIRE will be kept anonymous.
Your reply can be posted on this posts comments anonymously or sent to jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk
Thank you. 

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