31 Mar 2016

Jack & Jill founder Jonathan Irwin admits donor cash spent on Seanad lobbying bid.RYANAIR SCRATCH CARD SCAM MONEY.

Jack & Jill founder Jonathan Irwin admits donor cash spent on Seanad lobbying bid.

Look at one of our post regarding Jonathan Irwin taking money off Ryanair who set up the on board charity scratch card with less than 1% of €20 million a year going to charity..Now we have Jonathan Irwin from Charity Jack &Jill Foundation using charity money for Seanad election in Ireland..
CHARITY cash is being used to help fund the Seanad campaign of the founder of Jack & Jill.
Jonathan Irwin has written to councillors, TDs and Senators seeking their support — using literature and envelopes bearing the J&J logo.
The envelopes are franked by the children’s charity so he doesn’t have to foot the bill for stamps.
And the sick kids’ foundation is also covering the cost of glossy leaflets and printed letters.
With more than 1,000 politicians eligible to vote in the Seanad election, one recipient of the letter estimated the bill at €2,000.
Cork city councillor Ken O’Flynn said: “These letters have been sent out to all of the councillors and the TDs, so when you take in the price of a stamp and printing cost it must come to more than €2,000.
“This is not a correct way to use charitable donations.” Mr Irwin...http://www.thesun.ie/irishsol/homepage/news/7028547/Jack-Jill-founder-Jonathan-Irwin-admits-donor-cash-spent-on-Seanad-lobbying-bid.html
John said,
One of many stories this blog has posted about Jonathan  Irwin can be seen below..
Follow the money..The Irish Government turning a blind eye when Ryanair are involved.

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