29 Mar 2016


The message below was sent today to Ryanairdontcare Campaign.
Ryanair set up a shell company called Crewlink Ireland Ltd to exploit young people all over Europe wishing to become cabin crew.Read this message below from a young Ryanair probationary cabin crew member and ask yourself 
      ''Do you still want to be cabin crew at Ryanair''....

Good evening! I'd like to message you, as I am currently a Crewlink employee working for Ryanair and am COMPLETELY unhappy from day one of my training. I'm writing this using a different profile just in case I'm fired before I pursue action against them. I trained last year in appalling conditions. We spent 6 weeks in what can only be described as a modern day concentration camp! Through this time we were absolutely exhausted and weren't eating properly due to the lack of spare time and lack of funds (which we relied on family for as the company didn't care about us enough to find ANYTHING). We signed a contract after being given only 10 minutes to read through it, on the very last day of the training. After 6 weeks, I can tell you I was physically and emotionally exhausted, and after paying all the money is already paid, as well as the exhaustion, it was inevitable that I should sign the contract. We got to our base, and on the first day, had to have a tour of the base from base supervisors. These base supervisors, from the moment we met them outside the airport, were rude and in absolutely no way friendly towards us. This rudeness and very often ignorant attitude from them, has continued even up to this day. There are certain ones who, if you say hello in the crew room, they will ignore you as if you're not even there. We are paid only for flying hours, and nothing whilst on the ground. This means we can easily work a 12 hour day and be paid for just 7 hours work. There are home standby days, where we are paid absolutely nothing. And there are airport standby days, in which we are forced to sell bus tickets, tag bags to be offloaded etc. And are paid just €3.75 per hour (well below minimum wage). I am completely unhappy, but cannot resign until I have paid the money I owe to Crewlink for the training, and also the money I borrowed to make it possible to be employed by this company. I feel disrespected and feel that the work ethic of the company is totally immoral and wrong. Surely there are illegal things going on that can be stopped? Thankyou for reading this, A concerned cabin crew member.

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