7 Mar 2016



Ryanairdontcare Campaign exposed the charity scam involving Ryanair's on board charity scratch cards,Ryanair have given more to charities over the last few months thanks to our campaign.You can see the article in the Daily Mirror below.
Ryanair defend themselves over these claims.
As you can see some of the charity publicity stunts Ryanair have done over the last few months to counter the scam we exposed.Ryanair have took to twitter blinding the public into believing all is well.#RyanairWinAMillion #ScratchCards with big donations from the on board Ryanair charity scratch card given to selected charities.
What you are not being told is that over the last few months prior to February Ryanair have donated more to charity than they did the the whole of 2013/2014.Even though it is less than 1% of ticket sales in the region of €20 million.

The photo below is the CEO of Jack & Jill children's charity in Ireland Jonathan Irwin who has been given €10's of thousands from Ryanair.WE MUST POINT OUT Mr IRWIN WORKED AT RYANAIR AND IS A FRIEND OF RYANAIR'S CEO Michael O'leary.

A few weeks ago Ryanair stepped up the charity con buy donating not €5,000 or€10,000 as the norm but a staggering  €50,000 which was a great publicity stunt captured on video by Ryanair below.

Ryanair said “We don’t disclose how many scratch cards are sold, as this is commercially sensitive. However, over the past five years Ryanair has donated over €2m to almost 50 charities across 12 different EU countries. These charities cover a wide range of hospitals, schools, child welfare and sports club fundraising. Over the last 12 months alone more than €500,000 was donated to charitable causes.

Great to see our campaign has helped these charities get more from Ryanair but do not be fooled, Ryanair have sales of close to €20,000,000 from their on board 
charity scratch card in 2015.PROFIT and EXPLOITATION is PRIORITY at Ryanair.

Up step the real Ryanair chief David Bonderman who is the real boss at Ryanair.

Bondo to his friends is fully aware of the negative publicity our campaign generated in 2015 for Ryanair which tarnished his name, so he has donated personally €670,000 to the Wildcat Foundation from his own shares which has never been heard of.Yet again since the on board Ryanair charity scratch card was introduced by Bondo a few years back,Ryanair have profits of €50+million on these cards alone.
Most of the cash generated from these scratch card sales are shipped to Ryanair's HQ in Dublin by Ryanair pilots in red bags.Read below what happened when a Ryanair Pilot refused to carry these red bags full of cash.

Ryanair Pilot...

Mark Christensen seeking compensation for constructive dismissal at employment tribunal.A Ryanair pilot who refused to carry bags of company cash on a flight from Manchester to Dublin has told the Employment Appeals Tribunal no documentation or security clearance had been provided when the money was brought aboard by ground crew in September 2014.

Mark Christensen who is seeking compensation for constructive dismissal told the tribunal it would have been against aviation regulations to carry bags without documentation, even when the bags had been brought aboard by Ryanair ground crew.
Mr Christensen told the tribunal he had been running through pre-flight checks in the cockpit at Manchester when a woman ground crew member placed a large bag on the cockpit floor behind him.
He said he asked if there was any documentation with the bag and the crew member had opened it revealing a number of smaller, sealed bags, before remarking, “no there is no paperwork”.
He said she said to him, “these are the bags to go to Dublin”; to which he replied, “if there is no paperwork can I see inside the smaller sealed bags”? But the ground crew member said this was not possible.
Mr Christensen said he overruled a suggestion from the first officer that the bags be taken in the hold of the plane. He said if a Civil Aviation Authority inspection had taken place his pilot’s licence would have been “on the line”.
Mr Christensen said he was subsequently faced with a disciplinary inquiry by Ryanair and was demoted to the position of first officer. The tribunal was told the demotion was initially to be for one year, but was later reduced to a period of six months.
He resigned on October 30th and subsequently took a case for unfair dismissal against the company. He is now employed with an airline in China in an advantageous position, the tribunal was told.
However counsel for Ryanair Ross Aylward told the tribunal the bags represented a routine delivery of cash from Ryanair bases across its network.
The money was from Ryanair cabin and ground sales and would be collected at airports from any one of its 69 bases across the network, and delivered to either of two counting houses, one in Dublin and one in Stansted.
Mr Aylward said carrying the money to Dublin or Stansted was standard company practice, the bags did carry documentation he said, and he told the tribunal Mr Christensen had carried such bags in the past and knew what was in them.

Company practice

Mr Aylward said what had happened in the transfer of the cash was something which “happened 69 times a day” every day. And in refusing to carry the bags Mr Christensen was breaching established company practice with which he was familiar. He said Ryanair did not accept there was no documentation accompanying the cash on the occasion. “There were documents in the bag,” he said.
In addition Mr Aylward said Mr Christensen had “ failed as a captain to come up with a solution in 20 minutes” that the plane was waiting to leave. He said the company’s internal disciplinary process had been activated, there had been two hearings and Mr Christensen had also been given the opportunity of withdrawing his resignation.
The company also disputed Mr Christensen’s salary level at the time of departure. Mr Aylward said Mr Christensen had filed a claim based on a captain’s salary of about €11,500 per month but the monthly gross for a captain was €10, 147.
Mr Aylward said it “may” also be the company’s position that as Mr Christensen subsequently moved to a more advantageous position, there was no consequent loss to the man in terms of income. 

Now read about a Ryanair pilot who was asked to carry cash on a Ryanair flight which was not documented..Some are and some are not.This is how the charity scratch card scam money is taken to Ryanair's HQ and the authories sit back and do nothing.
As the saying goes ''FOLLOW THE MONEY''


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