17 May 2016


It is easy to see the PR machines of not only Ryanair working well but the UK government with the help of the BBC. Over the last few week in the UK we have seen Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary giving plenty of radio and tv time. Not with just being a grand national horse racing winner,but being used by the politician to stay in Europe on 23rd June 2016. In the interview below Michael O'Leary is talking about Ryanair's job creation which is a complete lie. Michael O'Leary Speaking Stronger In Europe VOTE...... https://twitter.com/StrongerIn/status/732210255099101184 The publicity stunt yesterday which involved Michael O'leary,George Osborne the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Ed Balls to name a few,saw a Ryanair aircraft being used as a publicity stunt at Stanstead airport. We also saw the chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne pretending to be cabin crew.
Let us talk about Ryanair cabin crew jobs which is one of the main topics of Michael O'Leary. Ryanair are Europe's biggest exploiters of workers in Europe.With no union recognition making it much easier to achieve. Ryanair have 4000+ cabin crew on Zero Hour contracts,but they are not contracted through Ryanair. Shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International are set up as a front so as legally no blame can be placed on Ryanair. Ryanair have the largest termination rate of newly recruited cabin crew in Europe if not the world,like a conveyor belt 60% of new recruits are terminated in months before any legal employment law comes into effect.These young cabin crew pay upwards of €3000 to become cabin crew and are conned into believing they work for Ryanair.The more cabin crew Ryanair recruit the more will be terminated and this is done through shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International as they operate a Per Hour Rate Of Pay Scam which brings in €millions each month.We could talk about many scams involving Ryanair (which are posted on this blog) but let's now look at one Ryanair cabin crew scams exposed two years ago by Ryanairdontcare Campaign. SKILLS FUNDING AGENCY who are part of the UK government involved in apprenticeship funding were conned out of £millions by Ryanair through companies set up by Ryanair.A company called St James Management Services recruited cabin crew for Ryanair a few years back, acted as a front for this Scam. Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm St James Management Services went into liquidation after Ryanairdontcare Campaign exposed the Skills Funding apprenticeship Scam.The named person Ryanair set up to be involved in St James Management will be exposed again on this blog soon. Skills Funding Scam article from 2014 below...... http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/ryanair-exploit-apprenticeshipcabin.html So you can see the European YES vote have used Ryanair as a front for their campaign to stay in the European Union even though Ryanair are Europe's Greatest Exploiter of a workforce. Take a look at this video below a few years ago when Ryanair's Michael O'leary hated the European Union. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4HYSsrlcq8 John said, Anything Ryanair are involved in must be studied hard by the public. REMEMBER at Ryanair profit is priority.It is your choice to stay in Europe or not.Don't let a CEO of a airline that has 4000 workers on Zero Hour contracts and no union recognition convince you to stay in. Ryanairdontcare Campaign exposed the Ryanair charity scratch card too.Michael O'Leary a man not to be trusted. Ryanair charity scratchcards exposed... http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ryanair-plane-unfair-charity-lotto-5920749 Ryanair try to defend themselves... http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/ryanair-defend-themselves-over-claims-in-flight-charity-scratch-cards-are-an-utterly-cynical-way-to-a6729776.html

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