21 May 2016


The news if finally getting out in the UK about how bad Ryanair are to work with as cabin crew. You can see in the last 7 days this blog is getting more hits from United Kingdom which is great news.We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to thank all the people for sharing this blog.We must share this blog even more in all European Countries that Ryanair fly from.The last few months Ryanair's shell company Crewlink Ireland have not conducted cabin crew recruitment days in Manchester.Dalmac who set up shell company Workforce International for Ryanair have not listed any recruitment days this month. This is great news that many young people are avoiding working at Ryanair as cabin crew. The Ryanair moto used on their website has changed from "LIVE THE HIGHER LIFE" to "Want a career that will take you places?".. Ryanair say, All new cabin crew are recruited to operate on Ryanair aircraft by our cabin crew service providers, Crewlink and Dalmac. What Ryanair fail to say is 10,000+ young cabin crew have been terminated by Crewlink Ireland & Dalmac's Workforce International..
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