21 Sep 2017


PLEASE SHARE....PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH... Paul Ridgard's suicide was work related. Intimidation of pilots in Liverpool was calculated, premeditated, intentional and organised by RYANAIR....Ryanair's Senior Management Darrell Hughes and Eddie Terminator Wilson very much involved.Look at youtube videos below when both confronted by Ryanairdontcare Campaign. Eddie Terminator Wilson. https://youtu.be/woCCvUpePcU Darrell Hughes. https://youtu.be/ea7v5MQKXnY The information below came from a colleague of Paul's to Ryanairdontcare Campaign in 2011. Also included is part comment from inside REPAP (Ryanair European Pilots Association ) which dispanded through fear and intimidation from Ryanair management... Ryanair Pilot Group then set up @ryanairpilots on twitter and facebook which has not posted anything in 12 months. This below was posted on Ryanairdontcare Campaign's blog 22nd July 2011 and was deleted by Google at the request of Ryanair. In 2014 it was reposted on RyanairdontcareCampaign blog http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/ryanair-pilot-paul-ridgard-remembered.html > Nobody is aware of the real story, > That this guy, already asked RYR multiple times to have > unpaid leave to cope with his problems. > He was divorced, had a 9 years old kid. > After his father died, ryanair forced him to work (as i > heard) on his fathers funeral. [ REPAP note added 09/06/11 @ > 10:00: my understanding is that some days compassionate > leave were granted. More time was requested but was denied. > Paul declined to call in sick having been advised to do so > by colleagues. ] > Due to this big loss in the family, his mother got really > depressed. > He asked RYR to get unpaid leave, but again this was > denied. He was dealing with a lot of stress, and i can > imagine that someone in his position wouldnt be fit to fly. > He was scared to loose his job, not able to support his > family again. and tried to cope with the problem > Recently, Paul was doing his command upgrade. This was > something he was focusing on. > Meanwhile walking up to an aircraft { he was allegedly told > that the outcome of any command training was > "pre-determined" } ... together with all other things above, The company was aware of his situation This is just one of the examples, of course, nobody talks about it. This information below came from REPAP. Ryanair European Pilots Association REPAP 9th Jun 2011 - 00:00 AM > For the first time here on REPAweb I am faced by a > situation in which I am unsure as to what should be done. I > think it best to explain the two sides of my dilemma (and > unease) before indicating what I think is the best course of > action. I hope that my appraisal of the situation will > suffice to guarantee that nothing is being suppressed here, > while also justifying as little additional posting as > possible. (I was accused twice yesterday of suppressing > information about this sad matter). > > On the one hand, I am satisfied that there is at least > prima facie evidence that work related issues were an issue > for Paul Ridgard and that they were an influence on his > state of mind in the period directly prior to his most > unfortunate passing. I have direct evidence for this > statement from colleagues. More importantly I have sources > (other than pilots) within and beyond Ryanair, one of whom > has provided me with some disquieting information. > Nonetheless I am not in a position to evaluate this > information, however upsetting and disquieting it may be. > Nor do I know if other issues, perhaps more pressing than > those that were work related, had a bearing on Paul > Ridgard's state of mind. THE IRISH AVIATION AUTHORITY IS FULLY AWARE WHAT IS GOING ON TO PILOT AND EVEN MORE TO CABIN CREW. THE IRISH AVIATION AUTHORITY IS GOVERNMENT RUN AND HAS FORMER RYANAIR EMPLOYEES WORKING THERE. THE IRISH BANK OF IRELAND IS ALSO INVOLVED WITH SALARY DEDUCTIONS,RATE OF PAY SCAM AND PAYE TAX SCAM WHICH IS MASTERMINDED BY O'LEARY HIMSELF, WITH HIM BEING ACCOUNTANT. . This exploitation of cabin crew and pilots at Ryanair started in 2004 when Texas Billionaire David Bonderman became the Chief at Ryanair..Bonderman and O'leary are both evil and life of a pilot or cabin crew mean nothing to them. THE MASSES CONTINUE TO FLY WITH THEM WHICH I CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND... TIME FOR ALL TO BOYCOTT RYANAIR.

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