18 Sep 2017


Ryanair's CEO Scum Bag Michael O'leary today continued to sell the lie to 400,000 passengers saying cancellation relate to pilot holidays and no overall shortage of pilots. Norwegian Airline is recruiting pilots in mass and many of them come from Ryanair. 140 Ryanair pilots so far this year have left to switch to Norwegian.Other European airlines are taking the same lead with Ryanair Pilots their first choice. Ryanair pilots like other pilots from other airlines are very professional in their duty, even though many have been tricked through self employed agencies set up by Ryanair. Hourly rate of pay claimed by these agencies for pilots salary from Ryanair have a 50% shortfall, earning Ryanair's senior board members multi €millions each month. The very same hourly rate of pay and 50% shortfall claimed by cabin crew agencies for cabin crew salary is profitable in the very same manner.Ryanair introduce VPOS paying system last year which tracks on board sales of each cabin crew on each flight.What Ryanair have been doing is chipping at the 10% commission earned by cabin crew and keeping it for themselves.Ryanair cabin crew have informed Ryanairdontcare Campaign the money stolen from cabin crew each month ranges from €20 to €50.There are 6000 cabin crew at Ryanair making €millions each year through stealing.Many cabin crew keep their own account on their sales but never get a % sales breakdown from Ryanair.They are scared to complain through fear of Termination and Irish contracts protect that fear. NOT ANY MORE. The ruling by the European Court of Justice regarding cabin crew disputes relating to their Irish employment contracts,now they have the option of bringing proceedings before the courts of the place where they perform the essential part of their cabin crew duties and not Dublin.The vast majority of terminated cabin crew are young and a trip to Dublin to fight these wrongful terminations can be expensive and a daunting task.Ryanair will have no choice but to fight cabin crew terminations in every country it has cabin crew, which is great news and WILL reduce wrongful termination (Recruitment for Termination ). Not only are pilots in large numbers leaving Ryanair,cabin crew are following suit.Read below what a Ryanair pilot told BBC. "One anonymous Ryanair pilot has told the BBC that the leave issue is a red herring and that the root cause of the problem is that too many pilots are leaving Ryanair and the company is struggling to train up new crew." Ryanair's Michael O'Leary sold four million Ryanair shares weeks ago earning him €72 million,knowing pilots had started leaving in high numbers and would effect the Ryanair share price.As of today €2 Billion has been wiped off Ryanair shares, which Ryanairdontcare Campaign predicted. Statement below from Irish Pilot Unions confirms what going on. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/over-700-pilots-left-ryanair-in-last-financial-year-ialpa-claims-1.3225145?mode=amp John said, Today is a great day in which Ryanair Pilots have taking action against a bully,thief and a company that contributed in the death of one of their own,Liverpool Ryanair Pilot Mr Paul Ridgard....

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