19 Oct 2017

Ryanair Europe's Biggest Exploiter Of Pilots And Cabin Crew.

Ryanair Europe's Biggest Exploiter Of Pilots And Cabin Crew. We are being told Ryanair are sacking and employing new senior management members to stop the problems regarding cancelled flights which will continue to effect thousands of Ryanair customers. In reality this foul treatment of Pilots and Cabin Crew at Ryanair has been going on for years and made Ryanair senior management and board members VERY RICH. The public need to know the truth on how bad it is www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com is a great blog showing how bad Ryanair simple are . Irish Government, Aviation Authorities, Aviation Industry are complacent, in their knowing pockets are being filled at the expense of Pilots and Cabin Crew. THIS IS HOW BAD IT GET. A few years ago in Dublin I witnessed an employee of Dublin Airport Authority taking a Ryanair cabin crew training course which was being paid by a third party (DALMAC IN RUSH) Even though Dublin Airport are fully aware of the high % of cabin crew Terminations,never asking why so many cabin crew are.The very same Dublin Airport Authority making money off Terminations at Ryanair. Training fee and Airport ID being very prosperous. I also witnessed staff at the Irish Aviation Authority in Dublin lying to Police in an attempt to get someone arrested because this person was highlighting the fact that many of their current employee's came from Ryanair. ..KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY. Ryanair are rotten to the core and bringing in unions are the only way to stamp out "AVIATION CORRUPTION IN IRELAND".

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