19 Oct 2017


RYANAIR'S CABIN CREW RECRUITMENT IS A "RECRUITMENT SCAM"..... The public need to be made aware what Ryanair have been up to for years regarding Recruitment 4 Termination of young Cabin crew from all over Europe.Ryanair use two companies purposly set up to SCAM young cabin crew.Crewlink Ireland and Dalmac's Workforce International are the two companies set up that give out these Cabin Crew contracts. Crewlink Ireland being the largest recruiter and trainer of Cabin Crew having 4,500 Cabin Crew on their books. Since 2008 Crewlink Ireland have recruited and trained 20,400 cabin crew for Ryanair. As you can see 20,400 young cabin crew have ALL paid €3,000 to train as Cabin Crew generating €60 Million in training fees alone since 2008.. The simple understanding is this "RECRUITMENT for TERMINATION" is very profitable to Ryanair. The more get recruited the more get TERMINATED like Ryanairdontcare Campaign's founder John Foley 's daughter Sarah. Out of the 20,400 cabin crew that has joined and paid this Ryanair training fee since 2008 ,15,900 have gone. Ryanairdontcare Campaign's 8 year fight against Ryanair started because of this information above and we say a 60% minimum of the 15,400 got RECRUITMENT SCAMMED by Ryanair. . At RYANAIR Profit Will Always Be PRIORITY. Please Share To Help Stop This evil Practice by Ryanair.

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