20 Mar 2018


EXCLUSIVE to RYANAIRDONTCARE CAMPAIGN.... We can confirm Ryanair/Crewlink have stopped charging for their cabin crew training course in some countries in Europe.Due to very low levels of students wishing to join Ryanair, after the adverse publicity exposed by Daily Mail, with our help of course....... Ryanair/Crewlink are even offering €28 a day to train with free uniform. This is great news, not free training but the fact that young people all over Europe are seeing Ryanair for what they truly are "Europe's Largest Exploiter Of Young Cabin Crew"... Email sent to Rt Hon Frank Field MP today below. Dear Rt Hon Frank Field, Good day to you Mr Field,To keep you informed,Crewlink Ireland the largest cabin crew recruitment agencies for cabin crew for Ryanair have decided to offer free cabin crew training in other parts of Europe, but not to include the UK. They are willing to pay students €28 a day to train and offer free uniforms. This is a very big turnaround for Crewlink in other European countries as recruitment levesl are at an all time low due to the adverse publicity regarding probationary cabin crew pay and conditions. Once again may I thank you and your office for highlighting issues relating to probationary cabin crew at Ryanair. Kindest regards John Foley Ryanairdontcare Campaign

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