19 Mar 2018


RYANAIR SENIOR MANAGEMENT HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. In 2011 a Ryanair Pilot based at John Lennon Airport committed suicide in a hotel at Manchester Airport.His Colleagues sent Ryanairdontcare Campaign a message regarding this,below is the comment word for word. first officer in Ryanair. His father died, and didnt get leave to go to his funeral and had to work. furthermore, after his father died, his mother got sick as well. he asked Ryanair to have unpaid leave, but off course this was denied. he asked this multiple times, due to personal and psycological circumstances. Paul, was rejected for his command upgrade. a week ago, he walked to he aircraft with the base TRE. upon walking to the aircraft the base TRe of LPL told him he had to fail him in advance. with even not doing a official check. the base tre was told by tony owens, the head of training. RYANAIR already decided that paul wouldnt get his command. never. This all, together with his loss of his father, with being bullied by the company, getting no unpaid leave, working on funeral days, not being fit to fly and in the end getting the story that he was kept warm by the company, who didnt give a shit, and in the end told him that he would never get his command upgrade... Two years after this suicide Ryanairdontcare Campaign got a contact from a pilot at Ryanair saying Ryanair's Darrell Hughes was involved in Pilot intimidation at John Lennon Airport in 2011. I have personally met Hughes and he is one nasty guy.Censorship of the news took place in 2011 and this important story was a media blackout. I understand this is a very sensitive and sad time for all involved, but being a pilot ,flying thousands of people all over Europe is a very important job to which pilots do it very well. Due to the fact that intimidation was mentioned to have come from senior Ryanair management, it should have been made public. Pilot Union recognition at last is moving fast at Ryanair but we must never forget what happened in 2011 and those senior Ryanair management held to account. On a protest I did at Manchester Airport over this suicide, later on in 2011 a police officer came up to me,thanking me and shaking my hand... PEOPLE IN AUTHORITY FULLY AWARE HOW BAD RYANAIR ARE...

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