5 Jul 2011



John said,
Below is a letter sent to the IAA today 4th July 2011...                                                                                                   

Irish Aviation Authority

Dear Sir,
I am contacting you today with regards Ryanair’s treatment of Pilots and Cabin Crew in the work place.

A present Ryanair Pilot has contacted RyanairDontCare Campaign with some disturbing information which is enclosed in this letter.

As the IAA and Ryanair are both registered in Ireland I feel the IAA, as the Irish Aviation Authority, need to look into these issues as a PRIORITY.
If for whatever reason you feel these  issues do not fall into your jurisdiction, then please pass all information to who it does fall into.

The safety of Pilots, Cabin Crew and passengers are at risk because of the actions of Ryanair Management in the work place.
Bullying and ill treatment of Pilots and Cabin Crew at Ryanair is at a high level, leading to stress and in some cases suicide.
Only a few weeks ago a UK pilot at Ryanair took his own life and Ryanair’s work place could be involved.( Paul Ridgard  Real Important Pilot )
The fact that a present Ryanair Pilot (captain) contacted our campaign shows the seriousness of these issues.

This treatment also occurs to Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair who have no  help whatsoever.
As a health and safety point, we at RyanairDontCare Campaign feel it is time for health/councillor to be put in place at all airports to deal with stress amounts not only Ryanair crew but all airline crew.

I would hope the IAA would act seriously to these issues raised above and do not turn a blind eye to CREW at Ryanair.

Thank you for your time.

Kindest Regards

John Foley
RyanairDontCare Campaign….’’AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL’’

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