8 Jul 2011


Dear John

I was Cabin Crew for Ryanair based at .........Airport. . I trained with St James Management. I paid a £400 deposit just to train to work for Ryanair before I even started with Ryanair. I was then told I would have to pay a further £1,100. My contract with Ryanair was terminated on ........... I do not understand what I paid £1,500 for. All we did was sat in a classroom watching PowerPoint presentations and videos. The only visit was one to an aircraft on the apron at Stansted Airport and a fire training day in East Midlands. How can this have cost £1,500?
I also had lates made up, days off made up and my holiday changed the night before and I was not even informed. Whilst working for Ryanair it altogether cost me £1875. This included my air side security pass, uniform, crew bags, handbags and training. Ryanair has changed my life because it has made me realise I do not want to be Air Cabin Crew anymore because of the poor treatment I received. It was always my dream to be an air hostess but Ryanair ruined that dream.

Hope this is of use

John Said,
As you can see issues of none attendance are added by Ryanair as a way to get you terminated.
Ryanair have wrecked this students life as cabin crew,SHAME on you DAVID BONDERMAN and MICHAEL O'LEARY......

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