6 Jul 2011


 Graham Hiscott Daily Mirror and O'Leary the scammer....

Full article here http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/07/06/ryanair-chief-michael-o-leary-on-business-fortune-and-family-115875-23249988/

John Said,
Below is a comment posted on our ryanairbrookfield blog today.It makes me so sad to read this post exspecialy after reading the Daily Mirror article by Graham Hiscott today regarding O'Leary the exploiter.
I will be sending a letter to the Daily Mirror.

Comment posted on our ryanairbrookfield blog today
Hello! I am the wife of one of Paul's oldest friends from Spondon. We went to his funeral, but were never clear about what had happened to him. Obviously, respecting his wife's privacy, we did not feel we could ask her directly, but through Google we found this blog, and have gradually learned what has happened. We suspected he had committed suicide, and now that we know the circumstances leading up to Paul's untimely death, I feel so ANGRY that any employer could do this to a man. How sick, how uncompassionate can anyone be to drive such a lovely man so far...? I tell everyone not to fly with Ryanair, and I am posting this link to my facebook page. This ought to become National news and the Ryanair bosses brought to justice for Paul's widdow and little son!

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