31 Aug 2011


                                          THE PUBLIC MUST BOYCOTT RYANAIR''NOW''


Ryanair flight forced to land at Gatwick due to 'fumes'

A flight from Barcelona to Stansted was forced to land at Gatwick after a passenger complained of "fumes".
The Ryanair flight from Barcelona Girona was originally forced to land at Nantes, in France, after a passenger smelt an "unusual odour".
The plane was cleared by engineers at the airport, but complaints resumed mid-air, forcing the plane to land at Gatwick at 17:07 BST.30.08.2011.
A spokeswoman for Ryanair apologised for the delay.
She said: "Ryanair's engineers in Gatwick will inspect the aircraft which has been removed from service for the remainder of the day or until this issue has been resolved."
The flight's 189 passengers were transferred by coach to London Stansted, in Essex.

On August 22nd 2010, a Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DWT performing flight FR-8085 from Brussels Charleroi (Belgium) to Riga (Latvia), was on approach to Riga when the crew reported a gear unsafe indication, performed a low approach which confirmed one of the main gear struts was not down. The aircraft climbed back to 6000 feet and entered a holding to trouble shoot the problem. About 45 minutes after aborting the first approach the crew managed to lower and lock all gear and landed safely on Riga’s runway 18.

On August 21st 2011, a Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DLV performing flight FR-3042 from Magdeburg/Cochsted (Germany) to Las Palmas,CI (Spain), was climbing out of Cochstedt when the crew reported some technical problems and stopped the climb at 2500 feet. A following runway inspection revealed a number of dead birds on the runway. The aircraft subsequently climbed to FL070, burned off fuel and diverted to Weeze (Germany) for a safe landing about one hour after departure.

Ryanair flight FR-449, a scheduled service between Liverpool and Dublin, was flying at a height of 18,000 feet when the flight crew initiated the emergency descent. The flight was about 55 miles east of Dublin when the crew declared an emergency. The crew carried out a “controlled descent” to 10,000ft, initially reporting problems with cabin pressure. The flight was then cleared to descend to 6,000ft, where the crew entered a holding pattern for about 20 minutes. The AAIU has confirmed that: “an investigation is under way.”

On the 14th of May 2011, a Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-EBC performing flight FR-449 from Liverpool,EN (UK) to Dublin (Ireland), was enroute when a passenger was hit by a bottle thrown through the cabin by another male passenger (22). The crew continued to Dublin for a safe landing, where police arrested the unruly passenger. No injuries occurred.


The crew of a Ryanair flight failed to realise that the left engine had touched the runway when landing at Dublin airport, a report by the Air Accident Investigation Unit has found.
The damage caused to the left engine nacelle (cover) went unnoticed for two subsequent flights, the report found. However, the damage was minor and there were no injuries.

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DAD performing flight FR-950 from Stockholm Skavsta (Sweden) to Paris-Beauvais (France) with 173 passengers, experienced the failure of a number of instruments shortly after takeoff, the transponder did not transmit any valid altitude data, too. The crew decided to return to Stockholm’s Skavsta Airport and landed safely about one hour after departure.
On Saturday Marh 19th, a Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-EFZ performing flight FR-6443 from Fuerteventura,CI (Spain) to Brussels Charleroi (Belgium) with 170 passengers, burst a tyre on takeoff from Fuerteventura but continued the flight to Brussels Charleroi Airport, where the crew declared emergency on approach. The airplane continued for a safe landing on Charleroi’s runway 07 about 5 hours after departure from the Canary Islands.

On Feb 20th 2011, A Ryanair B737-8 flying from Madrid had to perform an emergency landing in Compostella Lavacolla after suffering damages while flying through a heavy storm. The plane will remain on the airport until technicians are sent from London to repair it.

On Jan 6th 2011, A Ryanair B737-8 operating a flight from East Midlands to Alicante landed without landing clearance. The plane landed safely with 168 passengers on board.  An investigation has been lanched by the Spanish air authority.

On January 18 2011, a Ryanair plane 737-800, which was performing a flight from Alicante to Brussels Charleroi suddenly reported an unusual vibrations and applied for an emergency landing. The Ryanair’s aircraft with 180 passengers finally landed safely at Charleroi Airport.

John Said,
As you can see many things going wrong at Ryanair...Crew and passengers are at risk...Time for shareholders to SACK the whole board ''NOW''.


Anonymous said...

Funny how the 'Incidents' you posted here are only wrong becuase they are Ryanair related. What about the same incidients that happen all the time across the aviation industry, you have a very blinkered view of life.

Anonymous said...

As you will see our blog is called RyanairDontCare and my view on life is none of your business unless you work for RYANAIR !!!!!

John Foley....

Anonymous said...

Your paranoid!!!!

Anonymous said...

Average age of Jet2 fleet 23 yrs old. More incidents per flight than Ryanair by Miles.
Average fleet age of Ryanair is about 2.6 YRS!!
Get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Foley.... said...

Above comment, What are you talking about...Think you need to check how many incidents Ryanair have Don't you !!!!!!!

John Foley.... said...

Paranoid Comment, i have no reason to be Paranoid
i never fly Ryanair Europe's Greatest Training Robbers....

Anonymous said...

John , you're useless 'cause not thinking with a clear mind , only acting like a crazy one !!

If you want to help any kind of cause stop shouting and think a little bit more , the point who seems not to be you're best one ...

John Foley.... said...

Above comment,
Here to go again Anonymous people saying useless cause...Interesting always Anonymous...
Ryanairdontcare Campaign still strong after 3 years and we are not selling anthing..Over 100,000 hits to this blog in 12 months..I rest my case...

Anonymous said...

technical problems with aircraft happen now and then across the industry it is not the incidents or accidents. So far Ryanair has proved it is a safe airline to fly with.

John Foley.... said...

Above comment,you may be right in what you say...With such a high level of Stress and Fatigue at Ryanair.this could lead to many incidents or accidents...