2 Sep 2011


As you can see below,5 safety incidents on board Ryanair aircraft in August 2011..2 incidents with the very same aircraft.Easyjet have no safety incidents for the same period.....

On Tuesday, August 31, a Ryanair flight from Girona to Stansted was originally forced to land at Nantes, in France, after a passenger smelt an “unusual odour”. The plane was cleared by engineers at the airport, but other passengers began to complain on the flight forcing the plane to land at Gatwick just after 5pm.
Low Cost Carriers Accidents or Incidents user Lisa Smallman reteels:
“We had the same problem today (30th August 2011). We took off from Gerona at 10.35 bound for Stansted. Passengers complained of smelling burning at the rear galley of the 737. We made an emergency landing at Nantes after about 40mins flying time. We were told that an engineer would be flown out to resolve the issues and that we would be provided with food/drink vouchers. At circa 3.30pm the engineers flight arrived and shortly afterwards we reboarded the plane, having been told by the captain that the engineer had resolved the technical issues and that the plane was safe to fly. Needless to say, we received no vouchers. The ground crew at Nantes advised that they had put in the request to Ryanair, but did not hear vack from them!
Shortly into the second flight, there was further evidence of smoke to the point where the galley crew had to wear oxygen masks! We made a second, more drastic emergency landing at Gatwick.
Ryanair had clearly not fully repaired the technical issues and were negligent in allowing us to continue on the same plane. Furthermore, they failed to provide any information on respect of compensation!”

On August 30th, 2011, a Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DCI performing flight FR-9879 from Poznan (Poland) to Madrid,SP (Spain), was enroute at FL360 about 10nm northeast of Cologne (Germany) when the crew reported problems with the cabin pressure and initiated a normal descent. While descending through FL310 the aircraft changed course to divert to Frankfurt/Hahn Airport (Germany) where the aircraft landed safely about 30 minutes later. A replacement Boeing 737-800 registration EI-DYE reached Madrid with a delay of 5 hours. The airline reported the indication was false. The indicator was replaced.

On August 22nd 2011, a Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DWT performing flight FR-8085 from Brussels Charleroi (Belgium) to Riga (Latvia), was on approach to Riga when the crew reported a gear unsafe indication, performed a low approach which confirmed one of the main gear struts was not down. The aircraft climbed back to 6000 feet and entered a holding to trouble shoot the problem. About 45 minutes after aborting the first approach the crew managed to lower and lock all gear and landed safely on Riga’s runway 18.

On August 21st 2011, a Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DLV performing flight FR-3042 from Magdeburg/Cochsted (Germany) to Las Palmas,CI (Spain), was climbing out of Cochstedt when the crew reported some technical problems and stopped the climb at 2500 feet. A following runway inspection revealed a number of dead birds on the runway. The aircraft subsequently climbed to FL070, burned off fuel and diverted to Weeze (Germany) for a safe landing about one hour after departure.

John said,
..Ryanair always put Profit before passenger and crew safety putting passengers and crew at RISK as you can see from the first  incident  ....Engineers salary at Ryanair are the lowest in Europe and Engineers have contacted RyanairDontCare Campaign informing us that''Working for Ryanair as an Engineers is only used for experince ONLY, training is paid yourselves with only a 12 month contract in place with low salary''.

Quote from Michael O'Leary CEO of Ryanair......''We could loose 2 aircraft with all passengers on board before the public would not fly with us''.
Ask yourself would you fly with Ryanair ?????????????


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