2 Sep 2011



I am an unhappy parent of a ryanair cabin crew. My daughter has been with ryanair (crewlink) for 9 months. She was off work in February for 1 week with a doctors line, she was off again for 2 weeks with a doctors line and just returned back to work. She has been told they are organising a letter for her to go to Dublin having been told procedure had changed and she did not follow it properly. She had never been told about this. They were also told 4 weeks ago that they had to take between 2 months to 5 months unpaid leave in the winter. How do they expect people to live. Her course is due to be paid off this month. My daughter is obviously surplus to requirements now that they have new recruits paying their courses. Ryanair is nothing but a money making scam and should not get to exploit people like this. It is about time that this company was exposed in the papers before it ruins another young persons life.

John said,
The comment about is from a parent who posted a comment on our Blog yesterday, http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com/2011/08/cabin-crew-at-ryanairthis-is-your.html#comments 

It makes me so sad but also positive that protests will continue....Ryanair wrecking yet one more young life and continue to do so whilst no one acts.....BUT RyanairairDontCare Campaign will ACT...DUBLIN next...

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