1 Aug 2011

RYANAIR'S EDDIE WILSON ''The Terminator''. Director of Personnel at RYANAIR..No RESPECT or DIGNITY...

Director of Personnel at Ryanair Eddie Wilson ''The Terminator'' met Ryanairdontcare Founder JOHN FOLEY outside Ryanair,s head office on 25th July 2011.
Questions of exploitation of Ryanair Crew were put to Mr Wilson to which his reply was, ''I NEED TO GET RID OF THIS GUY'' or WE NEED TO GET RID OF THIS GUY''.
I took this as a threat to me for being outside their head office in Dublin protesting.
As you can see from Mr Wilson's face expression,one NASTY man.Asking about a death of a Ryanair Pilot,Wilson showed no respect or dignity.
Stephen Madden and his colleague from the airport police were very professional and informed me no protests are allowed at Dublin airport to which i asked,Why did O'Leary protest a few months ago with a coffin and hearse to embarrass the Dublin Airport Authority ! Officer Madden informed me that Mr O'Leary was told to stop his protest..I will be monitoring Ryanair's protests in the future to see if,one rule for O'Leary and one rule for Foley.
More head office protests are planned very soon...Message to Mr Bonderman And Mr O'Leary, you can hide in your head office in Dublin but you can not run away.Time for the Shareholders to sack the whole board at Ryanair,only then will the exploitation of Ryanair Crew stop.
watch the video above...

''DOOMED TO FAIL''  Michael ?????????????????????


Anonymous said...

Hi, someone can give to me the address of Eddie Wilson??? I need to write directly to him.

Please it's very very important!!!


John Foley.... said...

Eddie Wilson ''The Terminator''
Corporate Head Office
Dublin Airport
County Dublin

Sun arrow said...

Can you give me Eddy wilson's mail ?