1 Feb 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign founder John Foley staged a peaceful protest last night at goodison park were Michael O'Leary was in attendance as Horse Racing and Manchester City is his Passion...
Full post of this protest will be posted later today....
Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to apologise to Everton F.C ,Manchester City,Stewards and all fans Except ''O'Leary the scammer for any upset coursed by this protest.....
John Foley has many Family and Friends who support Everton but he himself is a Liverpudlian.
The issues of young people being recruitment scammed at Ryanair needs to be told...
John said below....Today,

John said,
I wish to apologise for the swear words which i used last night in the heat of the moment..Swear words were directed at me which maybe was 'legitimation'' and i was the one in the wrong..Letters of apology will be sent to both teams and to the FA pointing out ''i was not an Everton fan''
It is very sad that a minority of people do not have any thoughts for damage done to so many young people at the hands on Ryanair...Instead of picking holes at this protest, ask yourself as a parent ''how far would you go'' for your child...We as parents will say, we would do anything to protect our children,i could not have stopped Ryanair abusing my own child but i will stop it happening to others...I rest my case....

Great win for Everton...Double headache for O'Leary the exploiter of young people....One at Anfield and One at Goodison...
''Doomed to Fail'' Michael......


Amanda said...

Very clever idea to protest at the match, I did not see it myself but found out on facebook where everyone was talking about it!
Great work! :)

Boris Runqvist said...

Finland is with you. I will never fly Ryan Air again.

Anonymous said...

Disgusts me that you had the audacity to interrupt a game of football in that manner and also the way you spoke to Phil Neville & treated the police! Do yourself a favour and protest where people will actually care, alls you did was irritate the fans and possibly get a fine for my beloved club! Silly man, the only attention you got was getting booed & chanted at! I hope you got nothing out of your protest pathetic man!

Danny said...

Dear pie eater,

Mancherster city eh? who are they? So your daughter wants to be cabin crew on Ryanair of all companies? Well after last nights performance you can clearly see where she gets her class can't you! You are a belter pleb you know. I sincerely look forward to the day you die.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

Well done for last night, if you hadnt of protested at such an event I wouldnt have known about this scam.

Anonymous said...

Absolute idiot

Ryan air is great - always use em

Dan said...

Dont know about you Amanda but I wouldnt like to repeat some of the things people on my Facebook were saying about the 'Fat man whos so much of an idiot hes handcuffed himself to the posts'

To be honest I think people like the ones who run this piece of rubbish have way to much time on their hands.

Maybe you should have created this before your daughter applied for a job as now it just looks like your sour because she didn't get it.

I bet even she thinks your a fool!!

Anonymous said...

"Silly man, the only attention you got was getting booed & chanted at! I hope you got nothing out of your protest pathetic man!"

And also NATIONAL cover in the newspapers ... your silly football game is a lot less important than 100s of young people being scammed.
I know its hard to believe but there are more important things than your beloved football!!! Like Life ..,

Paul Robinson said...

Why couldn't you have done this at Eastlands, or at Anfield when Liverpool play City? Don't see why you had to bring EFC into it. Fed up reading on the internet about the 'EFC fan in goalpoast handcuff protest'. I know some of your lot don't mind embarrassing yourselves or your club (see Phil Gannon for a recent example), but don't drag our clubs name through the gutter with you.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the laugh. Watching an idiot chain himself to a goal post is hilarious especially when it has nothing to do with the home team in this case Everton.

What were you trying to prove? Seriously other than making yourself look stupid? Do you think Michael O'Leary or any other executive care if you disrupt something that has nothing to do with them?

You really need to learn the art of proper protesting.

The fact that you are a Liverpool fan and you chose to disrupt an Everton game is even worse show some class mate.

I feel for your daughter if see was unfairly sacked but there are better ways to protest that have you heard of the Labour court perhaps?

Paul Robinson said...

"And also NATIONAL cover in the newspapers ... your silly football game is a lot less important than 100s of young people being scammed.
I know its hard to believe but there are more important things than your beloved football!!! Like Life .."

National cover in the newspapers, hey? Is being mocked from pillar to post really the type of publicity that you want? Profile raised but only in a negative way. How many people are actually taking this plonker seriously? If you want to protest do it with a bit of dignity. Finally, it became about football when he chose a football match as the stage for his latest publicity stunt. The question is, why did this LFC fan choose Goodison Park to protest against a Man City fan, dragging the name of EFC through the mud? Why not Eastlands or Anfield?

Anonymous said...

As someone who was very nearly scammed by this nefarious airline...I am grateful that you are highlighting this issue.
The terms and conditions in airlines is continually being eroded by this cancer. Soon we will have an aviation similar to India, where the pilots are poorly trained and are continually taking hundreds of innocent lives with them.
What so some pillocks can get to Magaluff for £40?

Diego Garcia said...

Here's a proposal pal - if you don't like Ryanair, make your own protest by refusing to travel with them or work for them.
And if your daughter is old enough to work for Ryanair, she's old enough to protest herself if she wants to.
Her ex-employer has publically claimed she was dismissed for absenteeism and continued lateness during her probabtion period - if that's false, sue them.
You're lucky enough to live in a country where you have those choices, don't cheapen the actions of people in countries that don't have that privilege by mimicking their legitimate protests because you feel she didn't get a fair deal. There are other jobs and more serious issues in the world you know. You're more arrogant than O'Leary in your belief you have to right to endanger innocent people's lives (as you did with the jockeys at Cheltenham last year) over a piddling labour dispute.

Anonymous said...

If you want to make a legitimate, well-thought-out case you could start by learning how to write English properly. If your arguments with Ryanair are anything like your website writing, no wonder you've got nowhere. Your site gives me a headache. Next time, sod off to Anfield and protest there.

Anonymous said...

You really should learn basic spelling and grammar if you want to get anywhere with this blog.

I suggest you go back to school and learn about the difference between 'where' and 'were' and 'wear'.

Your writing is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

European Communication Manager Daniel de Carvalho has said: "Ryanair can confirm that this person was never directly employed by Ryanair, she was employed by Crewlink which supply contract cabin crew to Ryanair.

"Crewlink confirm that this woman failed her probation as within the first seven weeks she had a number of occasions of lateness, a large number of uncertified leave days and one occasion where she did not report for duty.

"At Ryanair we maintain very high standards of professionalism among our cabin crew and people who are unwilling to work hard or turn up for work will not continue to be employed either by Ryanair or by any of our contractors."

Anonymous said...

As Manchester City were at Klanfield last Wednesday, you could have chosen that match for your protest - particularly as you are a Liverpool fan. You have sullied the name of Everton Football Club as a result of your Kopite behaviour last night - maybe you will be happy to pick up the fine that Everton will now be given? You should make a public apology to Everton FC.

Phill thomas said...

I really don't know why you chose this match to do this pathetic protest. Had you done your research you would have known that ever tons board is the subject of protest at the moment and the assumption drawn was that this was to do with that, you also, in the short term at least did damage to that particular protest movement.
You yourself are a Liverpool fan, as has been said why didn't you do this at cities ground, or anfield. Or didn't you want to potentially screw up your own teams match. To the person below who calked it a "silly little football match" what housing understand is that football fans invest a large proportion of income into the game, it is also a big part of people's lives, not to mention the risk of muscle injury to millions of pounds worth of football player in those cold
conditions, which for everton in particular could have caused untold damage to our chances of remaining a premier league side thus affecting the lives of thousands of people world wide and cost our club millions.

In the likely event that everton receive a fine for your stupidity last night will you offer to pay that fine that a cash strapped club can barely afford.

Finally I have read through your site and it comes across as a bitter rant so coupled with last nights protest, I have not been convinced to support you.

Anonymous said...


toffee62 said...

Speaking as an Everton fan I didn't appreciate the interruption to the game. But after reading up on the background I'm thinking the only thing you deserve stick for is being a kopite.

I knew nothing about Ryanair's recruitment practices before the stunt and now I do, and so do lots of other people.

Having potential employees pay non-refundable fees to apply and train for a job which they may not be offered is apalling.

We're in the middle of a recession and many young people are desparate for a livelihood. It beggars belief that a multi-million pound corporation would use the situation to exploit them and boost its bottom line.

As a regular traveller I thank you for raising awareness of Ryanair's corporate practices. I won't be using them again.

Fellow blues - get over it.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Air scamming people? Why not be smart and read the terms and conditions. Also if your daughter failed to get a job there, OH WELL. Clearly wasnt pretty enough for ****ing Ryan Air was she.

The police should have left you there for the night you idiot.

Anonymous said...

Toffee62, what you 'know now' is only one half of the story.

toffee62 said...

Anonymous, Gimme the other half.

Anonymous said...

typical kopite. always looking for a way to screw over innocent people. why didnt you go to the tinmine(anfield) instead of disrupting a game that you shouldnt even of been at? who the hell in their right minds buys a ticket to go to a match at their rivals ground? what an absolute idiot you are. you've probably got more people on the side of ryanair now aswell.

toffee62 said...

Anonynmous - Surely the people's club is the ideal place to protest on behalf of the downtrodden against a cynical capitalist oppressor.

And don't forget - Anfield regulars rely on RyanAir to get home to Norway.

Anonymous said...

Also, toffee24, you state that:

"Having potential employees pay non-refundable fees to apply and train for a job which they may not be offered is apalling."

You are paying for the opportunity to train and get yourself qualified, not buying the job. Most vocations require some training, and that costs money. Doesn't mean you are guaranteed a job by the training provider at the end of it. Even if you are, your employer is more than entitled to sack you if you ar repeatedly late or not turning up at all. Incidentally, the practise of airlines offering their own training courses (which cost money) with the possibility of employment at the end is not unique to ryanair, but is common practise in the aviation industry.

toffee62 said...

Anonymous - thanks - I've read that and still not itching to travel with Ryanair any time soon.

From what I can see Crewlink are the recruitment channel for RyanAir and will be managing the process in line with RyanAir's requirements. They may even be a subsidiary.

I can't comment on the specific case of the protestor's daughter but I wouldn't expect a senior manager to say anything about the case that isn't in the best interests of their employer. Feel free to make the same statement about the father and his daughter.

I can comment on the method RyanAir are using to recruit their staff. It's unethical.

Anonymous said...

Fully support what you did. Down with RyanAir.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ATTENTION - All personal comments about John Foley's daughter are posted here by Rayainir themselves and they are nothing else but defamation of character.

Everyone who read these comments, please read John Foley's blog which exposes Ryanair termination for profit strategies.



Anonymous said...

ATTENTION - All personal comments about John Foley's daughter are posted here by Rayainir themselves and they are nothing else but defamation of character.

Everyone who read these comments, please read John Foley's blog which exposes Ryanair termination for profit strategies.



Anonymous said...

If they are guilty of defamation of character, sue them. Their reasons for sacking your daughter are there in black and white. If it's a lie then it's unfair dismissal as well. So instead of getting yourself arrested performing foolish stunts, why not apply your frustration down legitimate, more legitimate, meaningful channels?

Anonymous said...

Please be aware that all comments calling John an idiot and so on are posted by Ryanair themselves in revenge.
You have to be aware that Ryanair are posting on this blog to undermine John's cause.

Sack the Juggler said...

Hi John,

got some sympathy with your daughter's plight, but seriously - as a Liverpool supporter, why did you feel the need to disrupt an Everton game instead of Liverpool one? because you feared the reaction of upsetting the Liverpool fans and not the Everton fans?

A bit like Ryanair with their disregard for their cabin crew then.

You're a hypocrite John, you are everything you call Ryanair.

You have no respect for others.

Mark B - Park End ST Holder said...

I'm with Toffee 62; have found out what the campaign is about thanks to your action and understand your reasons for it and don't blame you. Being ripped off by £3k is more important than a game of footie. Anyone moaning is like one of the elite who doubtless complained that the racing had been ruined when Emily Davidson ran in front of the horses at the 1913 Derby. Good Luck.

didn't stop an Everton attacjthat O'LALEary -Ignore teh 'Annonymous

Patrick said...

I work for Ryanair. Passed the scheme and training and got in no problems. Its a great company to work for. Whats all the conspiracy stuff about? I went to university first and got a 2.1 degree, which left me with £40'000 debt and no job for a year and a half. Thats just life. So i went on a training course which sounds simillar to your daughters and ended up getting a job at the end of it. They take new applications all the time by the way. Once you've got training you've just got to look around. I've got mates who didn't get a job at first, then eventually did + mates who went to university and got a job whereas i didn't. I think your slightly disillusioned. Stop taking drugs and get in the real world

Dave said...

Agree with Paddy on the university subject. Thank god she didn't go there and end up with £40'000 pound debt and no job at the end of it. Try training for a Job for 4 years, then being told you have to go and train some more then having an internship and being told your not getting a job.

Feel sorry for you all about the struggle to do the best for your children but I think this is the wrong way to go about it. We're all in the same boat, trust me


Anonymous said...

Patrick you are a liar, no cabin crew is happy in ryanair earning less then minimum wage, most of them have no future, no pension, no lives.

enjoying your 2 -3 months unpaid leave?

Well done john.

LOL @ guy talking about millions of pounds of muscle damage to important players, your a pansy mate,they earn enough money and don't care about the jersey. get over it.

The significance was city were playing, everton aspect was irrelevant. O'Leary is a city fan, and the problem in ryanair.

Was it worth it john?? your websites number of hits this week will decide if awareness was spread. Ryanair was clear to see on your tee shirt in all papers

John Foley.... said...

Patrick interesting spin...You got a digree then became probationary cabin crew at Ryanair on 600 Euro a month,
Are you real...

jon said...

i will be honest, i was annoyed last night when you did it and disappointed with your conduct and aggression with the police, you had made your point after having been on the pitch for one minute, longer than that seems to have backfired.

But none-the-less, your cause, your passion is admirable and because of that I will Never go on a flight with Ryanair. I would suggest a sit in outside Ryanairs offices rather than to these extremities.

Its unfortunate that we live in a world with such injustices, but things can only be improved if people take a stand. So maintain the passion, just aim it at the people causing the problems.

Patrick said...

I don't get paid less than minimum wage?? Its not great money, but I enjoy what i do. I may not stay there forever, I can always apply for other airlines as well. I just enjoy the environment. Beats sitting around trying to find a job or working in catering in hotels and being treated like rubbish on a 13 hour shift. I live quite a good life considering all the crap I've had over the last few years.

It just annoys me that the company I work for is being rubbished. I did training that I had to pay for, just like I had to pay for university and I'm still paying that off now. i got the job luckily, some didn't. Im not some big boss ma, Im just telling you my perspective.

I think its unfortunate your daughter didn't get the job but she can still get work with other airlines. Also Im a Liverpool fan as well and as much as i like to see the Blue half being rubbished, i thought last night was an embarrassment.

Phill thomas said...

LOL @ guy talking about millions of pounds of muscle damage to important players, your a pansy mate,they earn enough money and don't care about the jersey. get over it.

If you are partaking in exercise, in the freezing cold, and you stop for five minutes, then start again there. Is an increase in the risk to muscle damage as the muscle tissue will tighten. If this was to cause an injury to our already injury ravaged squad it would have put ever tons season in serious danger, the players may be ovepaid pansieswho dont care but i do. The fact that this pathetic protest by a Liverpool fan took place at everton, means everton were not irrelevant in this, man city play every week including on Thursday a live televised match at anfield between Liverpool and city, if you wanted to bring football into it you should have got some Tshirts printed and asked the players to wear them, they love a good injustice especially when it's not an injustice. even someone of your clearly limited intelligence can surely see this.

The girl was sacked during her probation, after multiple failures on her part, she deserved it.

I assume from this training course your daughter got a qualification which would stand her in good stead for a job with another airline, I suspect tho that with no reference,
all the publicity and the fact that daddy kicks off every time something happens at work your daughter is quite frankly unemployable. Top work fella.

If everton do end up getting fine for this I would imagine there will be a backlash from some very annoyed evertonians.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phill Thomas,

They make money on termination of employees!!!!!!!!!!
Termination of employees is engineered. They create causes for termination themselves. You can be the best Cabin Crew and never fail in anything and they will just create false pretenses.

THE CAUSES OF TERMINATIONS ARE FABRICATED. This is what this blog is trying to expose.
You can be the best employee ever and they will still call you a failure. What they accuse people of and what they give as termination reasons are lies.

Darrell Hughes job is to fabricate such reasons and to sack people. This is what Darrell Hughes does as his work.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what false pretenses are???????
Ryanair has a business in terminating Cabin Crew because this is how they make money.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip man! I work for Ryanair, my record is relatively clean and guess what...I haven't been sacked!

I started on crewlink, and sure it's not great at first, but I love my job. The company is far from perfect, but your protest serves to attack us crew in My eyes.

Simply disgusting.

From a crewmember

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a real Ryanair man. I know this patronizing tone all too well. Brrr… I wouldn’t like to be planned with you on one plane.
I will tell you why you haven’t been sacked yet. Because you have reported others. This is the only way in Ryanair not to get sacked.
They promote people who report on their colleagues because this people create good sacking reasons for them. And this is what they want. This is what they are craving for. It is just because the termination of Cabin Crew brings them money!!!

Now run to Darrell Hughes and your base manager to tell them it is YOU who has posted this comment. Or did they already tell you to do that.

From a Crew Member

Anonymous said...

False pretences? I know what they are but his daughter was not sacked under them. She wasn't even sacked, she came to the end of her probationary working period by the sounds of it after going through third party training in association with Ryanair. The reasons given seem valid to me and probably the 99 percent of people out there. Credit crunch, less customers flying, a reduction of flights, too many people applying for the same job etc. etc. Get over it. Its the same as every other business. Im a filmmaker and Journalist and the cost of equipment is ten times its production costs in many cases. Also I have been on Internships and ended up not getting the job. There were no False Pretences, read the information provided when looking at getting your daughter/son a job. The company at no time has any affinity to your daughter and neither do i, they have NO OBLIGATIONS to hire your daughter. Get over this fact, you haven't been done over, you've just made a big fat tit out of yourself. Talk to your lawyer if you think there is any wrongdoings, they'll tell you where to go. I gather you've heard all this before and thats why you have come to such desperate measures to try and publicise your point. The problem is you have no Justification, solid proof or evidence to back up your point. The underlying problem is that there is not enough employment for youth outside of Retail and Hospitality work, it is not the fault of a single company or unusual or a scam.

Conspiracy theorists let rip!! Attacking the Arguer is a key flaw to producing an argument so say I'm from Ryanair or whatever and go and destroy your credibility some more. Its called Denial.

Anonymous said...

My opinion on Ryanair management working under MOL:
“It is difficult to get a man understand something if his salary depends upon him not understanding it.”
Upton Sinclair

Anonymous said...

There are whatsoever no doubts that hostile, mean and malicious comments about John and Sarah were posted by ryanair and ryanair recruitment agencies managers.
No other people have business in viciously attacking them.
Ryanair termination “reasons” are cock-and-bull stories. They make huge money on termination of these kids so they need to make up “reasons”. They are just fanciful and unbelievable tales made by Darrell Hughes and Eddie Wilson whose job is to invent such “reasons” and “rationales”.
Yes, there is a very strong REWARD SYSTEM for reporting colleagues in Ryanair. Informants are immediately promoted. I saw it many times. It really does happen. Please open up your eyes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Journalist,
I am not quite surprised you didn’t get a job at the end of your internship. Why? I think you don’t have a skill.
To be a journalist / a reporter one does not only need a camera. One needs a brain. One also needs an inquiring mind, non-conformism, courage to see through, to speak inconvenient truths and sensitivity to moral issues.
Why to pursue a career which obviously doesn’t suit you? Or are you in denial?
I have got a huge respect to Mr. Foley’s work. Sarah was sacked under false pretences which are inherent to the termination business.
Good luck!
a practising journalist /
a journalist on a job

John Foley.... said...

Last two comments...Thank you..

Anonymous said...

"One needs a brain"

Like running in front of a Race Horse or Chaining Yourself to a Goalpost at your Rival Football Clubs Stadium.

My sensitivity to moral issues lie with the bigger picture of youth Un-Employment and not just the Ryanair case. Inconvenient truths need solid evidence and emphasis is placed on "truth". Unfortunately, to me the supporters of this group have lost a considerable amount of credibility in their actions and it seems interests are more rolled up in slander rather than factual evidence.

I am not writing on this wall as a Journalist, I am writing as a Opinionist. Also I never said I did not have a job in the Industry. Simply that in life you have to work hard to get where you want to go, you also have knock backs and you have to accept these.

Also To other Mr/Mrs Anonymous Journalist. Thank you for your comment "I don't think you have the skill", having just met you I will take that on Board and go and change my Profession. As advice to yourself I will tell you that as a "Journalist on a job" it is not wise to carry such vested interests and put across such subjectivity. Make sure it doesn't make it into your writing. Don't forget to do some research and look at the flip-side too. Alternatively you may be a professional Opinionist, In that case i will gladly ignore your comments as you can mine. Luckily I am not covering this as a Job, it merely got my attention. As of now I am going to go away, stop wasting my valuable time and enjoy the rest of my life exploring other stories.

John Foley.... said...

Anonymous above..You could have left your name instead of being Anonymous...The reason for asking is simply'' you target the truth on this blog'' name please...As for needs a brain,i think your wording is ''One needs a heart''. I did not run in front of a horse, i was 20 ft away,the press said infront of the Horse not me...As for last protest,o'leary was there and at last this recruitment scam is out there now and publicity was very cheap indeed... As for Youth un-Employment you are 100% right,we need to look at the bigger picture...As for the Ryanair case,do we turn a blind eye and do nothing??? No we do not..No matter which company exploits so many young people,they need to be named and shamed...As you may be aware,Ryanair have friends in high places..At present info has been sent to the Irish Government regarding these issues and it is not the first time...Also the IAA who continue to turn a blond eye to safety issues at Ryanair..I look at the bigger picture that is why this campaign is 3 years old and will continue...Thousands of young people are scammed by Ryanair,not only my daughter, i can not stop what happened in the past to my Daughter but i will inform others not to fall for it in the future... I do not want thanks, all i want is the authorities to look into Recruitment and Termination of Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair and they will see this for what it is ''A Recruitment Scam'' set up by Ryanair. As for evidence we have it and it is the waiting game from the Irish Government....As they say time is money at Ryanair....At Ryanairdontcare Campaign Time is Termination,wednesday's at Ryanair's head office... As for lost credibility in this blog,Ryanair's Michael O'Leary and Ryanair have lost that..They did not even reply to last protest which was put to them from Irish Press,They never want to talk about termination of young cabin crew,not like O'Leary to keep his mouth shut....Got alot to hide.. As you are a Journalist,you should know about working conditions at Ryanair not only for cabin crew who no one fights for ''WE DO''. but Pilots..Look at news today.. http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=svt.se%2F2.22620%2F1.2699932%2Fryanairs_piloter_varnar_for_flygsakerheten
Do please look at the whole picture of recruitment inside Ryanair as you show much interest in our blog and do not take my word for it,,,hope you will visit us again. Thank you for your comments.
P.S Ryanairdontcare Campaign was set up to target recruitment..The less Ryanair recruit the less get Terminated ''FACT'' Ryanair's cabin crew recruitment is at an all time low thanks to this blog and all are great helpers...